Saturday, July 20, 2024

President Hichilema holds talks with Chinese Agric Minister


President Hakainde Hichilema has held private talks with visiting Chinese Minister of Agriculture and Rural Affairs Tang Renjian.

The meeting which lasted hours was held at State House.

Briefing the media shortly after the closed-door meeting, Minister of Agriculture Mutolo Phiri said the meeting was premised on establishing joint farming ventures between Zambia and China.

The Minister explained that the two nations also want to establish ventures relating to irrigation, water harvesting, and management.

Mr Mutolo further announced that China has offered to provide Zambia with high tech Agricultural machinery to boost the sector.

While in Zambia, the visiting Chinese Minister of Agriculture has visited a number of state and private farms to appreciate what Zambia is currently doing in the sector.


    • Wait until all land is given to the Chinese. There’s nothing for nothing. Chinese are looking for space to accommodate their people. Their one child policy resulted into a country of old people. So to rejuvenate the country, they are exploring far and wide for space.

  1. one thing doesnt add up how come our ministers are not given access to their presidents yet their ministers have access to our president?? something wrong that’s why the MOU’s you sign never work. This is why they don’t take us seriously when they send a minister please let them meet with their equal here at home. A minister we can’t hold to the agreement but a president we can.

    • It’s the balance of power badala…….

      Powerfull nations who send ministers what to see the president in person.

    • @ Zambian by blood
      Our President is just a Muzungu chola boy or Chinese Chola boy…they’re coming to loot our minerals its Mineral harvesting and looting time under useless UPND and Demagogue President HH

  2. These are the same morons stealing our natural resources…Minerals are being smuggled out of KKIA as we speak

  3. Farms captures alot of unemployment. All CDF should go into farming, unfortunately 90% of the MPs are retarded.

  4. PF cadres have been caught with gold and millions of dollars. We’re waiting for the government of infallible angels to comment. Is it true that another PF cadre working at State House has run away with some money?

  5. And we wonder why we are poor…Foreigners are queuing up to come and steal our minerals because we have a puppet and a kelenka as a President…it all started with Privatization….now he is finishing…remember what I said about the Vedanta deal …they didn’t agree on how much kickbacks they will ge…HH and Kabuswe

  6. Ladies and Gentlemen under UPND copper has finally changed its properties it now looks like Gold….unfortunately this story will just be talked about for 7 days and nothing will happen…..looting continues and imagine if it was Lungu in office and HH in opposition…

  7. And we go to IMF asking for money and acting poor whilst our leaders are stealing our minerals in private jets….the rot starts from the head…HH needs to be investigated and Kabuswe should be arrested

  8. HH surrounded himself with criminals…and that should explain why he welcomed conman Kelvin Sampa and Bandit Moses Mawere….HH has very bad intentions for Zambia and its now clearly showing

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