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Aircraft Intercepted with Millions in Currency, Gold, and Arms


The Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC) intercepted an aircraft at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, laden with a trove of alarming contraband. The seizure includes a staggering amount of over $5 million in currency, an assortment of firearms, and a substantial quantity of suspected gold. This operation underscores the DEC’s unwavering commitment to curbing illicit activities and upholding law and order.

The items confiscated from the chartered Global Express T7-WW aircraft are as follows:

USD 5,697,700
Five (5) Pistols
Seven (7) Magazines
126 Rounds of Ammunition
602 Pieces of Suspected Gold, Weighing 127.2kg
Equipment for Measuring Gold

The meticulous operation, conducted in conjunction with various law enforcement agencies, took place on Monday, August 14, 2023, following credible intelligence indicating the presence of a chartered aircraft carrying hazardous cargo.

Further investigation revealed that the aircraft embarked on its journey from Cairo, Egypt, with a destination set for Zambia. This compelling revelation points to a suspected illicit operation that the DEC and its partners were resolute in intercepting.

Among those apprehended for questioning are ten individuals, including one Zambian and nine foreign nationals representing various countries. The detained foreigners include six Egyptians, one Spanish national, and one Dutch individual.

DEC Director General Nason Banda confirmed the operation during a press briefing in Lusaka, where he emphasized the significance of such collaborative efforts in curbing transnational criminal activities.

Director General Banda asserted that preliminary findings indicate the detainees were bound for Zambia to engage in business activities. Moreover, he revealed that there exists a high likelihood of additional Zambians being implicated as the investigation unfolds.


  1. It’s on this forum that I said a few days ago that when your Minister suddenly stops to shave his beard just know that he’s stealing. Welcome to the Champion’s League. When you look at the current plunder, it makes the PF theft look like an amateur league. They’re still ranting about mukula yet they’re very quiet about Kasenseli Gold, Mapatizya lithium, Luapula sugilite and KCM Sensele Mine. Political power is temporal, many will not have a peaceful exit from power. They’ll become more dangerous as we get towards elections

    • “……Kasenseli Gold, Mapatizya lithium, Luapula sugilite and KCM Sensele Mine……”

      What about them ?

      They are working , for you want them to stop working ?

      If people are found stealing , they are sacked ………as has been the case.

    • Mmembe and his boys new about this saga. He was to reveal to the nation and expose 2 individuals inside UPND. But before it, he got arrested on other charges to silence him. Now DEC is coming out. Past presidents also got blind folded by crooks in government. However, KK, Chiluba, Mwanawasa, Band, Sata, Lungu, all to some extent had the guts to fire trouble makers or lock them up. HH is naive and covers them. Masebo promised to explain to the the TFM Holdings scandle of South Africa. She’s silent. The Foreign Minister was caught on camera. The Chinese deliberately recorded him for insurance but, HH said there is nothing there..there !! Let’s wait and see.

    • Independent Observer ()

      ……… you seem to have reliable sources inside all the time. Your preemptively comments are proven correct in the end, this goes back to MMD, PF years. Bloggers would call you liar, but in the end you come on top of the game……..

  2. Chief Praise singers ….Lumbani Madoda @Spaka and TIKKI….your Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema and his minions have been caught….

    • Yes……..

      caught intercepting contraband………

      The UPND GRZ is truly a crime fighting GRZ…………

      We suspect these funds were meant for PF…………

  3. So rich people fly to poor countries in private jets to go and buy poverty…..i thought we were a poor country and we depend on IMF to survive..i thought we dont have minerals that can generate wealth….i thought we go and begg for handouts from bazungu….it turns out we have more than the IMF and world Bank combined

  4. Chushi Kasanda US$50 million fertilizer scandal nothing happened….Kakubo caught with a brown envelope from the Chinese Ambassador….nothing happened….Tabo Kawana a guy who had K4700 in his savings account on August 12th 2021 buying a brand new car for his wife ….nothing happened….another government official Phiri who had K6800 in his Savings account on August 12th 2021 buying a brand new car for his wife….and now Gold has miraculously become Cooper and Zinc…. Africa we joke too much

    • You are indeed a courier of fake news and innuendos meant to suit the clique of homogeneous theives………

      Kawana and ACC were on air confirming he got a loan for that vehicle, badala……..

  5. Under UPND its now scramble for our minerals….foreigners trooping to Zambia in private jets….and this is just a tip of an iceberg from what is going on under UPND…once they leave office these Politicians should be arrested and Jailed

  6. Kabuswe knows that Praise Singers Lumbani madoda are very dull and gullible so he will tell them that those gold pieces are just scrap metals and they will believe him and they will start jumping up and down Praising the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema

  7. We are so quick to point out that politicians are involved in this scam. It is possible there is a big fish involved but that did not prevent the authorities from clamping the illicit business down. How about we wait and find out who the politicians are instead of pointing fingers without evidence. These scams went unnoticed under the PF govt but now we are able to see authorities intercepting them and bringing people to book. I think institutions are working and free from political interference.

    • PF were not that professional so such things never happened. You think the DEC would not have revealed this to the nation by now. This is deal gone sour. Already the gold has turned into copper (as per Kabuswe miracle)

  8. DEC must tell the nation on what role one State House member of staff played in this fiasco and why he has been allowed to run away.

  9. Munir Zulu alleged that two senior ministers had their bank accounts credited with US$ 250,000
    He was labeled mischievous. Kambwili for once has made…let HH and colleagues declare their assets and liabilities…no need to say much.

  10. This is what happens when you have a government and country run by heterosexuals. The only way to solve challenges in this country is to legalise homosexuality so that we can have leaders who genuinely care from the lgbt community. Heterosexuals steal because they need money to attract the opposite gender. You won’t see gay people using money to impress their partners. Think about it

    • There you go with your gay Nonsense again,@Wagner since you have refused to repent from your evil ways,hell is your destination

    • There you go with your heterosexual homophobia nonsense again,@mwana wembya since you have refused to repent from your evil ways,hell is your destination

  11. …….

    There is to much fake news from……..

    The people who think they are losing out on looting…………

    That plane and cargo is probably legit……..

    $5 million is not much for multimillionaire business people.

    • Are you not contradicting yourself? DEC says it’s gold, Kabuswe says it’s copper……. what a government.
      It’s not fake news mune…. what we need now is to establish the people behind this regardless of which side of the political divide they belong to. That’s Kabuswe should have left everything to the DEC.

    • All I’m saying is there are 3 possibilities………..

      That is legit cargo…………

      It is a PF operation for operational funds………..

      It is a criminal smuggling gang……..

    • I wish PF could disappear into thin air and see who else you will blame for your incompetence, comedy, bungling, incest, confusion, corruption and self deception.

    • Dejavu………

      incompetence, comedy, bungling, incest, confusion, corruption and self deception…….

      Is all in your head, with your fellow clique of theives

  12. It is extremely disheartening to hear from a id.iot who said it’s not gold but copper, zinc. If they did not care during privatization surely they can’t care now.. Look at the looting by the time it’s 2026 all minerals will be finished these are heartless and merciless..God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob have mercy on the poor.

    • Someone told me ati the man is too rich to steal, I told him ati Indalama tashifula. Those with billions will always want to beat each other…. that’s the name of the game called money.

  13. @ Deja Vu
    Stealing and doing all the wrong things in the name of PF….kikikikikiki imagine you marry a divorced woman and you keep on doing the same thing that her ex husband was doing that led to their divorce and you keep on blaming her ex husband…UPND was much better in opposition not in government…these guys are criminals no wonder HH fought for over 20 years…now its time for HH to loot and enrich himself and his minions

  14. So in short Zambia can give Kaloba to IMF and world Bank…or Zambia can even “employ IMF and the World Bank and give them a salary increase every month…it turns out Zambia has more money than the USA…i have never seen anyone walk around with US$ 11 million cash here in the USA…30 years living in America

  15. I hear praise singers Lumbani madoda are jumping up and down and celebrating HH and his Bandits saying UPND is better because these are “white colar criminals”….like seriously do they even know who is considered a “white collar criminal ?”….white collar criminals operate from the Wall Street cooking up figures…..UPND is just a bunch of greedy Bandits using government machinery to steal…headed by The Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema

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