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Govt institutes investigations in to death of three illegal gold miners


Minister of Mines and Mineral Development Paul Kabuswe says government has instituted investigations to establish the owner of the mining license where three illegal gold miners died after they were buried alive in Mumbwa District.

Mr Kabuswe indicated during a media briefing that by tomorrow Wednesday 16th August 2023 the owner of the mine in question will be known.

“Our investigation are ongoing so as to establish who owns that license, and am sure by tomorrow we will be able to know and the law will take its course,” he said.

He said once the owner of the mine is known; government will deal decisively as the full wrath of the law will be applied.

The Minister assured the nation that government will ensure that the measures it will take will serve as a warning to mine owners.

Mr Kabuswe reiterated that the decisive measure to be taken by government is meant to curb future human loss as a result of illegal mining.

He explained that according to the law, mine owners are required to protect sites were they operate from.

Mr Kabuswe said it is unacceptable to lose lives through illegal mining activities.

He stressed that mine owners have the responsibility to protect their mines against illegal mining.

The Minister has since conveyed a message of condolences to the bereaved families.

 “My condolences to the family that lost their loved at a certain mine in Mumbwa district,” he said.

Meanwhile the Minister Mines and Mineral Development has taken a swipe at some people for spreading falsehoods on social media concerning the alleged gold seized yesterday by the Drug Enforcement Commission.

Mr Kabuswe said it was unwise for some opposition leaders to rush to the media to make statements without verifying the facts.

He counselled opposition leaders to emulate government who waited for a report containing facts to be availed before addressing the media.

“As government when heard about this issue we did not go to the media and beginning talking anyhow, we had to get facts,” the Minister stated.

He wondered how one can govern the country based on speculation instead of facts.

Mr Kabuswe explained that according to the vigorous tests conducted by a special team instituted by the Ministry of Mines, the seized bar of alleged gold is not gold as reported.

He explained that from the tests conducted it was found that the alleged gold contained traces of copper, zinc and tine among others.

 “ The alleged gold bars contained copper in the range of 58 to 61 percent, zinc in the range of 38 to 41 percent, traces of tine………”Mr Kabuswe clarified.

He explained that the four boxes seized of alleged gold contained 602 bars with a mass of 127.28 kgs.

Mr Kabuswe added that a report was compiled and sent to the Drug Enforcement Commission indicating what the tests reviewed.

He disclosed that the team that conducted the tests of the alleged gold included a Chief Geologists, Senior Meteorologist and Senior Chemists.


    • Death of a human being in unnatural circumstances is always subjcet to investigation by the state. It’s called an inquest in the business.

  1. Unfortunately Zambia is in Africa and our leaders are untouchable so they can do whatever they want…steal..loot you name it and nothing will happen….it will just be in the news for a fews days and it will end there….ask yourself why do bazungu come to Zambia and set up the so called “safari Lodges” in the wilderness…??? Thats just a cover-up…these guys come to loot our natural resources and poaching for Rhino hones..elephant tasks…Gold which sometimes looks like copper(depending on the circumstances)….they work with the sitting government to conduct their illicit deals…..Kabuswe should be arrested and investigated

  2. Let those Israelis fligh out, why are you robbing them in Lusaka.
    We still have PF kind of thugs as ministers. Is it telling us that those who bought gold are fuulish that they were screwed? ACC should start investigating at Kabuswe house.

  3. I don’t see any difference between what Kabuswe said and what Mwiimbu said, these guys are sawn from the same cloth we know that they are all trying to hide the scandal, from the on set they purposed to sweep this evil under the carpet.
    What I may ask is, is there any leadership in this government every one is a spokesperson including Kawana.
    Kabuswe is the minister of mine, Mwiimbu minister of home affairs really who should say anything concerning mining.
    Kabuswe has already explained the position of the government no one will change it all Zambians know what this government is doing.

  4. If HH won’t fire Kabuswe then HH also is 100% involved in this Gold smuggling scandal…Kabuswe is guilty no wonder why he is poking his nose in this…

  5. Auntie Kabuswe rushed to the media to dispel that it was not gold as originally thought. Suppose the police seize what they believe to be elephant tusks from the look and feel, it is the role of minister of tourism to rush to the media and say it was composed of cow horns etc?
    Logical people need to ask since when does copper fly out of the country in private jets? Since when does 127 kg of copper cost 5 million? Additionally, how is it possible that some people counted 11 million, and others concluded it was 5 million?
    Who gave the plane clearance to land?

  6. It took the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema 12 months to assemble his cabinet which has turned out to be a bunch of liars and criminals…..

  7. It was way too suspicious the way Kabuswe rushed to the media and start mumbling nonsense…..these guys are stealing 24/7 and HH has their blessings and he is 100% the ring leader

  8. Just looking at his face you can tell that Kabuswe is a thief…just like Chishimba Kambwili…these are copperbelt known Bandit s….Kambwili stole rail sleepers in Ndola…Kabuswe was given that position because HH knows him as a miming Bandit

  9. When Lungu was President HH used to say Lungu is a thief even if it was his Ministers stealing….now its his turn…if the Ministers you appointed are stealing that you’re also stealing bwana HH

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