Malaria cases and deaths unacceptably high in Zambia

Malaria causing Mosquito
Malaria causing Mosquito

Alarming figures have been released by the National Malaria Control Centre, revealing a distressing reality for Zambia. The country is grappling with a staggering annual toll of around 7 million reported cases of malaria, resulting in over 1,200 deaths each year. These grim statistics underscore the urgent need for intensified efforts to combat a disease that is entirely preventable and treatable.

Busiku Hamainza, the Acting Director of the National Malaria Elimination Control Centre, expressed profound concern over the persistently high numbers. Dr. Hamainza emphasized that such numbers are far from acceptable, particularly considering that malaria is a disease that can be both prevented and cured. While acknowledging advancements in reducing the disease burden over the past decade, Dr. Hamainza stressed that there remains a critical imperative to accelerate progress and realize the ambitious goal of a malaria-free Zambia by 2030.

In an exclusive interview with ZNBC News in Lusaka, Dr. Hamainza pinpointed the regions hardest hit by the burden of malaria. The northern areas of the country, along with certain parts of Eastern Province, bear the brunt of this health crisis.

In a bid to turn the tide against this persistent adversary, Zambia is set to embark on a critical intervention. The upcoming Indoor Residual Spraying exercise, slated to commence in September, is set to target 900,000 structures across the nation. Additionally, a substantial distribution of 11.5 million insecticide-treated mosquito nets is in the pipeline.


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