Enforce banning of street vending

Lusaka street vendors

Chirundu Town Council Chairperson Nevers Muchindu has implored council management to be proactive in enforcing Statutory Instrument (SI) banning street vending in the Central Business District.

Mr. Muchindu is disappointed with council management for seemingly entertaining street vendors that are reportedly going back to the streets to conduct their businesses.

 Chirundu Town Council Chairperson wondered why council management has failed to maintain the presence of both state and council police to be patrolling on the streets to ensure compliance.

“When the SI is issued, it becomes law and I am sorry to say that from our point of view, especially our officers are not doing much in terms of making sure that they enforce the law and make sure that people comply,” he wondered.

“I want to issue this statement (directive) that our officers abide by such instructions because such instructions are coming from the highest offices and if they are failing to do that it means that we need somebody to work on their behalf which is very unfortunate.

“So going forward I urge my council officers and other people assigned to do the work to make sure that they obey the laws and move the people to designated places.”

Mr. Muchindu has since made a passionate appeal to street vendors to remain in markets because failure to that will create anarchy in the district.

Chirundu Town Council last week moved all street vendors to Chirundu Main Market, Mission Market and Yellow Jacket Market in line with the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development’s directive.


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