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Gold, Suitcases of dollars and Incorruptible HH’s Clique of Thieves


By Kapya Kaoma

Within days, our incorruptible President Hakainde Hichilema returns to New York to deliver another remarkable speech to the United Nations—something that has never been seen in our nation. But will he proudly boast about his anti-corruption credentials in the same space he smiled as U.S President Biden insulted Zambia for Lungu’s corruption? Will the media ask him about the gold scandal and whether Lungu is involved? Kaya!

Since coming to power, President HH has “battled” corruption. Who didn’t see Tasila Lungu’s tears—viva HH for going after the corrupt Lungus! Auditor General Dick Sichembe, Director of Public Prosecution Lillian Fulata Shawa-Siyunyi, and Inspector General of Police, Kajoba are gone! Great job Mr. President. Please axe everyone who questions you. Zambians don’t need to know the exact reasons for their dismissal—after all, Zambian Presidents are legally protected from accountability. As long as the immunity clause remains in our Constitution, Presidents are free to abuse power, fire anyone, kill opponents and even rob us without accountability. But we have hope. HH will soon lead us into the new dawn of presidential accountability by asking his MPs to remove the immunity clause from our Constitution since he won’t need it—he is incorruptible. He made his money before coming into power, honorable vice President Mutale Nalumango told Parliament! Such wisdom no foolish toddler can utter.

No doubt; the contraband has the President’s fingerprints. In the Lungu days, HH would have been viciously questioning the DEC and ACC press briefing as to how that plane filled with cash and its contraband could land at our Airport without Lungu’s advanced knowledge. Bakawalala! Which fool would trust the ACC, the DEC or the Police to investigate their boss? Aren’t they thieves? Fortunately, the boss has immunity—so the truth will never be known! One wonders when Lungu’s cartel tookover the UPND. Despite shouting anti-corruption, HH and his cronies are defrauding this nation while the 2.8 million languish in abject poverty! As President Biden pointed out, the youth of Zambia voted out corrupt politicians in favor of our own incorruptible HH.

Sadly, the tribalists, hegemonists and clique of thieves “who have been feeding off public resources since independence” are swimming in gold and other precious metals! Two tribalists (a Bemba and Ngoni, I guess) got cheated and blew up the deal. Mr. President, arrest Lungu and Kambwili, rough them a bit and the truth will surely shine! Lungu’s clique of thieves is out to diminish your legacy!

The clique’s corruption stinks! What we saw at the Airport is nothing. Our nation is under attack from corrupt international interests who are in bed with our politicians. Remember the endless trips and secret business meetings with “investors.” Nobody knows the details but the President and his cronies. Until we have new legal requirements to force Presidents to disclose all business partners and conflict of interests, one deal gone wrong does not expose the whole truth! But President Hichilema’s businesses are well known.

I fear for our President. One day, the clique is coming after him! I mean HH. They will demand to know his business partners, where his money is based, and companies in which he holds shares. Issues of self-dealing or inside-dealing in which the clique of thieves and tribalists are involved will be crimes to be investigated once HH has left office. But why worry? We, the 2.8 trust him because he tells us to trust him. Every word that comes out of his mouth must be believed– isn’t he Zambia’s Messiah. He promised transparency and we have seen what he wants us to see—dollars in suitcases. That is what transparency means–believe my word but not what you see!

Worry not, Mr. President. The clique lied to us–do you remember those suitcases of dollars during the PF era? You told us it proved how corrupt the system was. Deja vu? Spirits don’t lie.
Sir, don’t believe a word from those who believe you are the most corrupt and secretive President in Zambian history. Like Trump, the truth will be known after you leave office if we have the real Parliament willing to remove Presidential immunity from our Constitution.

Enough is enough! It is time we stood up against the HH cartel.


  1. Just asking who are these people; Kasanda, Diangamo, Belemu and Kayumba. Seen their photos floating on social media.???

    • @Deja vu those thugs are from PF jerabos, 2 of them were arrested before in South Africa for selling same fake gold. But this time they screwed the Egyptians.
      I don’t understand what your uncle Kapya Kaoma think these thugs work at white house.

  2. Message understood Kapya Kaoma. We can tweak the presidential immunity clause in the republican constitution to counter impudence in office. Edgar Lungu fused in self-serving protections in the immunity clause with help of his sidekicks in parliament. The constitution of Zambia enacted in 2016 has licenced any holder of the office of president to steal.

  3. If you have nothing to contribute just keep quiet rather than write nonsense. You’re the people that need to be taken to court to go and prove your fictitious opinions that only suits your agenda. You sound like a M’membe sponsored cadre. This purely criminal and has nothing to do politics. In your mind any thief is a politician. Please sober up.

  4. Zambians spend time fighting things they know they cannot change. They don’t look at the bigger picture. It is clear as day and night that heterosexuals who have always rules this country comtinue to disappoint you. why not change your approach to demanding for gay rights so that you vote in a homosexual president and government who will perform

  5. How can every thief be a politician? I’m at the police right now with my neighbour reporting a theft case at his farm. A suspect has been caught. It’s you who should sober up. Politicians do steal also but they’re not the only thieves.

  6. Knowing how unscrupulous this NEW DOOM regime is, nothing will coke out of this. It will be quietly swept under the carpet.

    • If sweeping things under the carpet includes discussing developments openly at a news briefing, then you’re right. Justice will be done. It takes time to get ready for court.

  7. Mr Kapya has gone around the subject assuming the readers understand what he is writing about. If HH is corrupt, I think he will be too smart to carry USD in suitcases. Those are deals for those on the street, like PF cadres and ECL followers

    • Actually ECL himself also. Remember the thousands of dollars his wife sent for safe-keeping (not in a bank) where something else happened?

  8. It took HH 12 months to assemble a clique of thieves…..The Playing field is not level in Zambia and the rest of Africa…African wealth is always traced to some illicit deals no wonder the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema can’t disclose the actual source of his wealth

  9. I really wonder the lecel of understanding when it comes to freedom of expression and/or speech amongst the Zambians especially those who call themselves politicians and those in the media who just expose their insult to journalism! Try as much as the new dawn to promote governance of separation of powers from solely putting the executive above the legislative and judiciary it is the leadership assigned to these arms and those leaders of opposition parties who always make their first call for intervention on the executive! Should Zambians have hope for real democratic governance?

  10. Usless incoherent rubbish……….

    All airports , even the Chinese international airports , or western international airports have criminals who infiltrate now and again

  11. @ Bululu
    This is how African corrupt leaders operate….they let street hustlers do all the dirty work for them….don’t expect them to use Financial institutions with their names linked to the deals…they all use Cadres like in the USA Politicians use Lawyers to do all the dirty business deals

  12. ……….

    Watch the useless tribal vuvuzelas eat their vomit when.. …….

    It is proven that this is nothing but a criminal operation………

    Criminals operate in all societies, no matter what security is in place…….

    After pedalling all sorts of lies from their backsides…..ati….

    the plane has left…….the suspects have been freed…….the gold has been switched……..

    Zambian security must be recommended for acting swiftly………

    • It’s high time some people were asked to prove their allegations in court. We cannot go on like this. We have been told by some people who claim to know that a State House security officer has made off with millions of dollars from the plane at the centre of the “gold” saga. That’s a very serious allegation to make. It’s not part of freedom of speech to make such allegations. Freedom of speech does not mean freedom from responsibility for what you say.

  13. The confusion was caused by the DEC who got excited when (someone who felt cheated must have ratted on his accomplices) they stopped the plane(s). They should first have confirmed everything before going loud. Matters were made worse by Kabuswe….it looked like he was covering for something and someone. In short there was no professionalism in the whole saga

  14. how do you pick on ministry of mines to test the minerals? can a finger bite itself ? why not pick on a private independent tester. It is a waste of time to believe whatever is being reported in this investigation

    • Are you serious ???

      The ministry of mines is part of GRZ…….GRZ runs the country

      Security of the country is seen too by GRZ………

      are you also suggesting the security of the country should be carried out by independent bodies that are not under GRZ ????

  15. …………


    Koma kwenzi excitement………….

    All the du.ll opposition were jumping to all sorts of lies and innuendos………

    I have said this before……….

    Just release rubbish fake information about GRZ corruption or stealing, and ………

    watch the very du.ll opposition and their very very du.ll LT resident noise makers make fooools of them selves………..

    Some are even turning into witchdocters of fake news and ridiculous rumours………..

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