Sunday, June 16, 2024

Health kits to ease health facility pressure


Solwezi General Hospital Senior Medical Superintendent Kitanda Sondashi says management is hopeful that the recently purchased health kits will help to ease pressure on the health facility.

Dr Sondashi said management anticipates a reduction in the number of patients bypassing health Centres on assumption that there were no medicines in stock.

He said the recent purchase and distribution of health kits will increase drug supply to health centres.

“Now that the government has increased the supply of drugs, we anticipate a reduction in patients bypassing health centres so that we can operate properly as a second level Hospital,” he said.

He said the hospital has been offering more primary health services despite it being a General Hospital.

The Government through the Ministry of Health has purchased 7,000 health kits from India, currently being distributed to health centres across the country to ensure equitable distribution of Medical Health Centre kits.

Meanwhile, Dr Sondashi said Management is working on training of staff for better attitude towards patients to offer best services to the community.


  1. According to the Minister the shortage of drugs and other medical supplies is as a result of pilferage. Now, how can you steal what’s not available? In two years this is the first consignment to be delivered, the other from Egypt is still at large. Kitanda Sondashi is a hard worker and a very straight person. His statement is the truth and therefore must be taken seriously. His institution has been overwhelmed by patients seeking primary health services because clinics have been turned into prescription issuing centers. We have a wrong person as Minister

  2. If people listened to the President speak today they will be more careful with what they do the era of ‘eating’ will soon be over no one and no one will get away with crime…watch this space…we investing in tech, training and retraining of staff ….you have been warned

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