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Sinadambwe resident appeal for clean, safe water


Residents of Sinandambwe in Chaanga area of chief Sinadambwe have called on the government to provide clean and safe drinking water.

Sinadambwe chief representative Clement Chilambwe revealed that water is a serious problem for people of Sinadambwe chiefdom stating that boreholes have dried up and people travel long distances to draw water from a nearby stream.

The traditional leader explained that livestock also has to move for about 35 km to go to Lusangazi river to drink water.

He complained that livestock is dying owing to lack of drinking water.

 Sianyoolo headman Fred Moonga also said that people travel about 2 kilometers to draw water from the Lusangazi River which is being shared with animals.

The traditional leader has called on the local authority and well-wishers in the district to consider drilling bore holes and providing safe drinking water to the area.

“People are suffering, they cover 1 to 2 km to get drinking water from Lusangazi River which also dries up as it is a seasonal stream, we are sharing drinking water with animals,” he said.

Headman Sianyoolo noted that children are the most affected ones because they are delayed to go to school at the expense of drawing water.

Meanwhile Siavonga town council chairperson Given Kwapu told ZANIS that the local authority is aware of the water problem faced by people in the district.

Mr.Kwapu revealed that the local authority has plans to work on already existing boreholes that have dried up to remove the mud that have blocked and thereby resulting in boreholes drying.

Council chairperson stated that from the local budget the local authority has set aside funds to drill boreholes stating a program to put water reticulation system using solar that will supply water to both people and animals is already in place.

” As a local authority we have planned to provide good water system to Siavonga community, we want our people to drink piped water, and we also want to put up dams for our livestock in the district, as the district has partnered with Saro Agro to provide the equipment for improved water reticulation system in Siavonga,” said Mr.Kwapu.


  1. When i look at the above picture my heart bleeds….we need to find a way of Developing Zambia not just blah blah blah globetrotting signing useless MOUs and stealing Gold

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