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Historic Meeting of Traditional Leaders: Chitimukulu and Litunga Come Together at Ukusefya pa Ng’wena Ceremony


In a landmark event that underscores the significance of cultural unity and regional understanding, the Litunga (King) of Barotseland, Lubosi Imwiko II, was the guest of honor at this year’s Ukusefya pa Ng’wena ceremony, hosted by Paramount Chief Chitimukulu Kanyanta-manga II. The ceremony took place at the Ng’wena arena in Mungwi District, where the two prominent traditional leaders came together to celebrate and strengthen cultural ties.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu, who has held the throne for a decade, expressed his deep appreciation for the historic occasion. He described it as one of the greatest achievements during his reign, emphasizing the importance of hosting the Litunga in his territory.

“The greatest achievement in my life as a Paramount Chief Chitimukulu for ten years on the throne is to bring the King of Barotseland here. This is a great achievement that I will never forget,” said Paramount Chief Chitimukulu.

The Barotse Royal Establishment (BRE) also highlighted the significance of this cultural exchange. Ngambela Mukela Manyando of the BRE noted that such events promote togetherness and unity among diverse communities.

The UPND government recognized the importance of traditional ceremonies in promoting unity, peace, and diversity. Representing the government, Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Garry Nkombo commended both traditional leaders for their collaboration in celebrating this cultural event.

The coming together of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu and the Litunga of Barotseland at the Ukusefya pa Ng’wena Traditional Ceremony serves as a powerful symbol of cultural unity, regional understanding, and the rich diversity of Zambia’s cultural heritage. The event not only strengthens bonds between these two distinct communities but also fosters a sense of togetherness among all Zambians, regardless of their cultural affiliations. It is a testament to the enduring importance of traditional customs in the nation’s collective identity.

Paramount Chief Chitimukulu welcomes the King of Barotseland, Lubosi Imwiko II
Ukusefya pa Ng’wena ceremony


  1. This is very progressive indeed and it must be encouraged and done more often. This instrumental in curbing the stoneage tribalism, perhaps more powerful than the lame political platitudes we see from our selfish political leaders. Well done to both Chitimukulu and the Litunga!

  2. According to Bemba tradition, any guest is treated with honour, especially one whom you invite. I’ve read some misguided comments from some quarters about the picture. This is a display of Bemba hospitality. This is historic

    • I am Lozi. The Litunga must stop wearing that colonial uniform. The British insulted the lozi by giving that uniform. As for the picture, you can see from body language that Chitimukulu is full of humility, while the Litunga shows his arrogance. The lozi people chose the wrong person. They left out better choices

    • Bo Mulemwa stop imagining things. I may agree about the dress but the Litunga is a progressive and humble man. The two are interacting culturally. Check the countenance of bantus from Swahili land up to Lesotho or to the Hereros in Namibia a guest is given respect when he arrives in your house or territory. That is to show that he is welcome.

    • @Ayatollah
      You don’t need to explain yourself…some people are just bitter and losers in life…..they walk around with hate 24/7 in their hearts and these are the individuals who die a very painful death

    • Bo Mulemwa#

      ….. I totally agree with you on both counts. The uniform must be abandoned. It’s embarrassing.

      Umwina Zed #

      ….. You are wrong. There was a contention when this Litunga was crowned. The majority of The Indunas and elders did not want him. He is a snake and mischievous. A mischievous and a snake can never be a humble person.

    • The Litunga is very dull. Maybe he spends too much time lookingin the mirror admiring his colonial uniform. Chief Chitimukulu, Chief Mukuni Chief Mpezeni are not shy to complain about lack of development. They summon their area Members of Parliament to do more to bring development. Litunga has too much silly pride. No wonder Western Province is the most underdeveloped province in Zambia. You cannot compare Northern & Eastern Province to Wester n Province. Anyway, traditionally we Lozi have silly pride. That’s the truth. Don’t come start insulting me.

  3. This is a breath of fresh air….United we stand divided we fall…this is what bazungu don’t like to see…they divide us so that we become enemies of each other so they can come in and steal our minerals….

  4. And chiefs should stop inviting Politicians as guest of honors at traditional ceremonies….Politicians can go there as common citizens without causing any incident or hijacking the ceremony and making it all about them…..

  5. The hatred and divisions you see around the world is all orchestrated by the Western Imperialist….USA…UK..France…..once we stop listening and bowing down to these 3 countries then we will see change and development in our countries but for as long as we kiss bazungu’s ass and make them feel like we can’t survive without them…then they will continue stealing our minerals and other natural resources and killing our animals….TELL THE SUPREME LEADER AYATOLLAH HAKAINDE HICHILEMA NO MORE MUZUNGU ANIKONDE and insulting your own country and infrastructure and insulting your opposition calling the ” a clique of thieves”….in the actual sense “a clique of thieves are the Western Imperialist who are stealing our minerals with the help of our puppet leaders

    • Very true: The hatred and divisions you see around the world is all orchestrated by the Western Imperialist

  6. And am only here in the west to take whatever I can and invest back home and help develop my country….am not in the west to enjoy their stolen wealth like Spaka and TIKKI

  7. Now we want the Mpezeni to attend Kuomboka and Chitimukulu should be at Likumbi lya Mize. Mukuni and Mapanza should go to Umutomboko. Viva the
    republic of ZAMBIA!!

    • Umwina Zed #

      You know him as an outsider. I know him as a first cousin to my biological father. Anyone can act to be humble and fuuul society and its very easy. They chose him to follow protocol. They are far better men that are best suited. Do not come here to show your ignorance and blind support based on assumption and hear say.

    • Bo Mulemwa cant you discourse like the civilised beings that we are? When someone gives advice with an admonition (dont come here to bla bla bla) they are being arrogant. We need to soberly talk to each other for humanity to progress. Just state your argument and refrain from waiving fingers at others like apartheid John Botha

    • Umwina Zed#

      It all appears that you are the problem here. Yes you are. You accuse Bo Mulemwa to be imagining things. Bo Mulemwa has made his case that its not the case. He knows something about Litunga. And reminded you to stop making assumptions. Now you accuse him to be pointing fingers and compair him to John Botha & Apartheid. Frankly, you don’t like to be corrected. You show noblest with one pretending arm, while being nasty and hateful. Sorry you have nothing to argue……

  8. And whatever happened yesterday should now become our nation anthem ….lets Unite and share our wealth…..lets develop Zambia…we want Zambia to have nice roads from the East to the West….from the North to the South…..From Luapula to the North West….from Central to Muchinga…..no more giving away our minerals to bazungu….lets mine our own copper.. .NEXT VEDANTA MUST GO….LETS FIND A LOCAL MINING INVESTOR OR AFRICAN…..NOT CHINESE….NOT EUROPEANS …NOT ISRAELIS ….NOT INDIANS…..

    • I am a Tonga, and I am pissed off some of the things Hakainde has done, such as giving white people who sitting on our land, killing and displaying our wildlife for foreign exchange, money that is supposed to come from carbon credits. That money was given so that Zambia would not develop industry. Why is Hakainde giving it to white men? Did they bring the trees from Europe, that are cleaning the carbon dioxide emitted into our atmosphere from their relatives in Europe and America. He went to Europe to tell them that Zambia is open for business, maybe he meant that Zambia is open for looting by foreign white men

  9. Why indeed does the litunga love western attire? Jacket and tie is the identity of the European oppressor. Should we continue with his mental manipulation?

    • Litunga wears it because he feels that it makes him important…..

      Kenneth Kaunda & Nkwame Nkurumah of Ghana were given a similar uniforms after independence, to show loyalty to Queen Elizabeth. They both refused to wear them stating that, Your Royal Highness, we are now no longer colonized….

      All past Litungas have worn this uniform to show their kiss @ss attitudes….

  10. Of the good things this union has done, all the trolls masquerading as Lozis could pick up on is the attire of the Litunga. That is a sign of being sick and insecure from some individuals on here.
    None of the people in the pictures are wearing any “traditional” or “cultural” attire, including the Chitimukulu. African attire are made out of pieces of leaves and grass stiched together to cover the front, like what you see in the Gods Must Be Crazy! They also sit on the floor. Everything else is Western, including the Internet, phone, tablet and computer you are busy wasting to spew out your v0mit… get a life and get real!

    • Auntie Jigga kayama my darling. You are very mistaken about African attire. Africans previously wore animal skins before the arrival of Europeans. By all accounts, Europeans who arrived here recorded our foods, culture and clothes. Chiefs did wear leopard and cheetah skins whilst the commoners wore animal skins of kudos and the likes. There is nothing traditional about the Litunga’s dress code. Alas, I leave it there.

    • Indeed mate, animal skin was the more progressive of the tree leaves. No I can’t see anyone wearing animal skin, including the Chitimukulu or the Litunga, so what’s your point? They are all wearing processed, woven clothes from polyester and cotton.
      And the Internet you are using, whose invention is that? Your ancestors? Oh the language you are writing with? Get real mate!

  11. Jigga you are one of those lost to colonial oppression. That oppression brainwashed you into thinking everything was brought by the white man. Yes that was his strategic intention to create an inferiority complex in blacks by making you believe such crap. The white man may have brought a lot of stuff with him to conquer Africa, plenty of which wasnt his, but he strategically made you believe everything starts and ends with him. The cotton you mention “that he brought” for example originates from India not Europe. Cotton is also traced to Eastern Sudan some 10,000 years ago and to the Aztecs 7000 years ago.

  12. The internet is but a branch of technology whose source isnt one race. Just go and look at the people who invented various parts of the internet and Marian Croak a BLACK woman comes up. Still on inventors of the computer you will find another black woman: Gladys West a mathematician who invented the GPS. Still on the internet which was never invented by one man a black man called Clarence “Skip” Ellis played a significant role.

    • To show you how Europeans used technological and other developments stolen from elsewhere to come and mentally oppress you: the numbers you use were brought by the European but they are Arabic not European. Jesus was painted white so you could see him as a relative of the Europeans yet he wasnt. but so that he could be used in mental strategies for oppression.

  13. True, the internet was never invented by one race. Computers were a work in progress with numerous contributions including black people

  14. Fun…. says the dude who is typing in English. Insecure people like you who like to listen to your fellow conspiracy theorists and see a losing ‘black vs white’ oppression fight will die sad with nothing to show for while the world matches on. Your so called “black inventions”, where is it to show for your own people? The world today is planning to go to Mars while you talk about cotton discovery 10,000 years ago (apparently quoting some book written by the same alleged oppressor). And you can’t even read: I said “processed” and “woven” cotton which is different from raw ‘cotton’ by itself. Dream on with your ‘black’ pride while I see ‘people’ and their brains regardless of their skin colour. Get real mate!

  15. In other breaking news: “India has become only the fourth nation in the world to land a rocket on the moon.”
    “Meanwhile some smart historians have blamed the white man’s oppression for Zambia’s failure to build a lunar rocket due to the oppression and stolen resources and inventions”.
    Not fun at all, some of the contradictions of some people are just bizzare!

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