Wednesday, July 24, 2024

House of Chiefs Chairperson Condemns Harassment of Former President Edgar Lungu in Mfuwe


The Chairperson of the House of Chiefs, Chief Chisunka, has strongly condemned the reported harassment of former President Edgar Lungu by suspected UPND (United Party for National Development) cadres during the Malaila Ceremony in Mfuwe. The incident has sparked concerns about the intrusion of politics into traditional gatherings.

Chief Chisunka asserted that traditional leaders are committed to maintaining a non-partisan stance, and traditional ceremonies should not be marred by political affiliations or disputes. He emphasized that these cultural events are meant to celebrate heritage and promote unity among diverse communities.

In a statement addressing the disturbing incident, Chief Chisunka expressed his disappointment, stating that the actions of suspected UPND cadres at the Malaila Ceremony demonstrated a lack of respect for elders and the cherished values upheld by traditional leaders.

The Malaila Ceremony, like many other traditional gatherings, is considered a time-honored occasion for people from all walks of life to come together, irrespective of their political beliefs. Chief Chisunka urged Zambians to respect the sanctity of such events and refrain from using them as platforms for political confrontation.

In response to the incident, Cornelius Mweetwa, the spokesperson for the ruling UPND party, issued a stern statement emphasizing the importance of upholding the rule of law. He emphasized that anyone who violates the law must be held accountable, regardless of their political affiliation.

Mweetwa asserted the UPND administration’s commitment to the rule of law and stated that political affiliation should not be used as a shield to engage in criminal activities. He highlighted that the party’s leadership is dedicated to ensuring that Zambia’s democratic principles are upheld, and that law and order are maintained.


  1. And the hypocritical liars are telling us that they are ended cadrelism! madilu system is the order of the day. What a useless government…

  2. And police constable Rae Hamoonga says it didn’t happen. It’s all over social media showing his DC ordering the police not to stop the cadres from hounding the former president. We are told by Mr Hakainde that these things ended with the end of PF government.

  3. The supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema has continued from where PF Bandits left from…..nothing has changed …theft is on ths rise…corruption is on the rise….unemployment has become even worse….nepotism is the order of the day….

  4. Why people are acting surprised with the behavior of UPND cadres….remember how they hounded Lilian Siyuni from office….HH is the one enabling them….and all the violence and theft is done with the blessings of the supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema…..Spaka and TIKKI are doing a great job defending their small god HH…..65 million dollars vanished without a trace….the owner of 48 houses (a Musokotwane)came foward and all of a sudden the story is dead….WELCOME TO AFRICA

  5. ………

    Lungus PF caders maimed and arrested a lot of people……..

    There definitely are people who can’t forget the brutality lungu headed , and…….

    Let their emotions get ahead of themselves, forgetting that political violence or violence of any kind is not condond by this GRZ………

    There will always be some aggrieved people among the hundreds brutalised by PF who act wrong.

  6. It’s a RUMOR!! Sometimes bringing people from retirement is like resurrecting the dead. Just my thoughts.

  7. Look at it laughing away when it caused lots of damage to our economy. House of chiefs will always seek to defend their fellow tribesmen. We need to so away with some of these useless tribal chiefs


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