Resignation of ward councillor in Dundumwezi welcomed by UPND

UPND Cadres on Campaign Trail
UPND Cadres on Campaign Trail

The United Party for National Development (UPND) in Kalomo District has welcomed the resignation of Katanda ward councilor, Maxley Kasusuli of Dundumwezi constituency and has since set its campaign strategy to  re- contest the seat.

District party chairperson, Mweemba Mwavwa says the party is ready for the forthcoming by-elections slated for October 12, 2023.

He, however, notes that the resignation of the former councilor was typical personal as he is still a committed member of the ruling party.

And district party secretary, Vincent Siambango confirmed the resignation of Mr. Kasusuli as Katanda ward councilor.

Mr. Kasusuli resigned as Katanda ward councilor on June 18, 2023  citing reasons beyond his control to continue as a civic leader for the area.

“I wish to inform you that with effect from the date of this letter, I have resigned as ward councilor for Katanda ward in Dundumwezi constituency of Kalomo district due to circumstances beyond my control. I however, vow to continue supporting my UPND party which sponsored my candidature as a councilor for Katanda ward in the 2021 general elections,” read part of Mr. Kasusuli’s resignation letter addressed to Kalomo council secretary, Lisa Mpasela dated June, 18, 2023.

But when asked for a comment over his resignation, Mr. Kasusuli says he does not want to implicate anyone for his decision but says he lacked protection from the constituency, district, and ward level for the circumstances he did not  mention.

“I just want to serve the party as an ordinary member and I thank the party and my electorate for having given me time to serve them from the August 2021 elections. I will continue to be a party member and I wish well to the one who will take over from me,” Mr. Kasusuli says.

But in a dramatic turn of events, on August 5, 2023 Mr. Kasusuli rescinded his resignation decision after wider consultations with party structures and his family.

However, the electoral commission of Zambia (ECZ) has already set October 12, 2023 as the date for the Katanda ward by elections with the campaign period to start on September 8 to October 11 while the nomination day shall be on September 7, 2023.

The district has 20 wards all dominated by UPND civic leaders with Kalomo central constituency having 12 and Dundumwezi with Eight.


  1. Theft and corruption and deceit is on the rise under UPND government and the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema…the rot starts from the head all the way down to ward councilors…..

  2. Resignation, resign from what party this is a joke of the day is there any other political party in southern province , apart from the ruling party I have never heard of one , it is all about UPND if you don’t belong then you can’t live there.
    Our relatives in southern province are not democratic to them it is all about what tribe you are, this breeds in incompetent leadership this is what we are witnessing in the country they have left out most of the intelligent Zambians just because of their tribes.

  3. This mrans nothing. I’m just worried about the public resources that will used on this unnecessary bye election. The UPND will most certainly retain this seat.
    I also wish to concur with UPND party officials who have started that the reason for resignation are personal. The political dynamics in the Zambezi provinces differ greatly from the rest of the country

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