Kambwili condemns frequent detentions of Fred Mmembe


Chishimba Kambwili has condemned the frequent summoning and detention of Socialist Party leader Fred M’membe by the police.

Dr. M’membe on Tuesday appeared before Police at Ibex Police Station in Lusaka in connection with a case that allegedly occurred during a by-election in Serenje last April.

There was heavy police presence at Ibex Police Station as Dr. M’membe appeared before the Police for questioning.

Dr. Kambwili, who went to give solidarity to Dr. M’membe, said the Government is orchestrating the arrests of opposition leaders to divert citizen’s attention from key issues affecting the nation such as the high cost of living.

The former Minister of Information and Roan Member of Parliament charged that President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND Government should focus on reducing the cost of mealie meal instead of harassing political rivals.

“When you detain one opposition leader then you have detained all of us. Particularly I want to repeat when you are doing it on flimsy ground. This government has now started misbehaving and I want to say that arrogance is the beginning of the fall of leaders, “Dr. Kambwili said.

“The Church has spoken against these arrests, OSIDA went to State House and spoke about these arrests, the American ambassador spoke to this but the man in State House doesn’t want to stop. He thinks he is the Alpha and the Omega of this country but ndemybe abaice mu Lusaka beba ati wina azalila,” he said.

Zambia’s former ambassador to Ethiopia and PF Presidential aspirant Emmanuel Mwamba urged the Government to address economic problems facing the nation such as the high cost of living.


  1. ……….

    Membe is abusing his freedom of expression……….

    He thinks because HH was arrested 115 times as opposition leader, he…………

    Also must get arrested hundered times before he becomes president ???

    • HH has taken the bait. He is helping Fred by trying to crush him. When a fly keeps sitting on your nose and you decided to kill it be smashing your face with a hammer….. In the next election Mmembe will have some seats

  2. Mmembe arrest are for criminal offences.
    Because he says that he is politician does that mean he can do cyber crimes, assault people and discharge a firearm in public. Regarding the last matter, what decent person takes a gun to a political rally and fires it?
    He is a danger to society.

  3. One day he is pf, the next day he is consultant of his own failed party, and now he is socialist cadre Hahaha. Useless excuse of a politician this one. Let him concentrate on his health and weight before it is too late. Mmembe has personal vendetta against hh. We all know

  4. It’s a pity people who reason have left Lusaka Times. Very sad to witness the burial of this once vibrant site.

    • You are complaining yet you choose to remain here. Now you are showing us your pf thugness with your dirty mouth.

    • #Fake Tarino Orange… you are so dull that you can’t comprehend the simplest things. I complain because people like the real Tarino Orange engage in logical arguments. He and other people have left because of you and your ilk.

    • Since you claim am fake, why don’t you also leave and join the real me whereever he is? You must be retarded if you cannot differentiate a troll from me. Because I support upnd today for doing good then I become a troll. Just leave or don’t engage me. It won’t change a thing in my life

  5. Saddened to hear that these dimwits don’t know the work of the president.

    Meal mealie prices can be reduced by pumper harvest … CK should have a farm and be part of those people growing cash crops to feed mother Zambia.


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