Thursday, June 13, 2024

Appetite for loans lands teachers in problems


Some teachers in Kitwe, Mufulira, Kalulushi and Luanshya are being investigated for allegedly obtaining loans from Natsave Bank in Kitwe using fake documents.

The unknown number of teachers reportedly presented fake payslips and clearance forms before getting loans at Natsave’s Chimwemwe Branch.

The affected teachers have been told to return the money while a named Natsave Bank worker implicated in the case has been fired.

A source close to the development said about 100 teachers were involved in the matter.

Meanwhile, Copperbelt Police Commanding Officer Peacewell Mweemba has confirmed that four teachers were recently arrested in connection with the case in Luanshya and Kitwe.

Mr. Mweemba has told Radio Icengelo News that the matter has since gone to court.

“We arrested four teachers in Luanshya and some were coming from Kitwe. The case is being dealt with by the courts of law,’ Mr. Mweemba said.

Natsave Public Relations Manager Judith Tembo is yet to respond to a press query from Radio Icengelo News.

Education authorities say they cannot comment on the matter.


  1. I remember people rioting because their take home pay had gone to minus due to the huge loans they had obtained. This is one thing Zambians are good at… getting loans for pleasure things.

  2. From the time MCS adjusted the salaries of civil servants, especially teachers, they’ve become targets of moneylenders. Many teachers are deep in debt and each payday is a torturous experience. What many don’t realize is that K4,000 in 2011 isn’t the same as of now as inflation has eroded its value. Government must show leadership and make a very bold decision. No lending institution must access its payroll. You can’t have a highly indebted civil service and expect them to deliver.


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