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MINISTER of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda has commended the Independent Broadcasting Authority (IBA) Board for coming up with guidelines to regulate the operations of the media industry in the country.
Ms. Kasanda who is also Chief Government Spokesperson said the guidelines will play a pivotal role in creating a level playing field for all broadcasting stations in the country.
The Minister said this last evening during the launch of the guidelines for enforcement and handling of compliance breaches.

Ms. Kasanda urged the authority to be firm when enforcing the law and dealing with cases of non-compliance.
She said the launch of the guidelines is a milestone as it will provide a clear framework for handling compliance breaches to ensure fairness, transparency and equal treatment for all broadcasting stations.
Meanwhile, the Minister implored IBA not to be biased when applying the law as a regulator, but to be consistent in the application of the guidelines, adding that this will help to win public trust and confidence in the work of IBA as a broadcasting services regulator.

She added that the government remains committed to fostering transparency, accountability, and the growth of an independent and professional broadcasting industry that can contribute to the economic development of the country.

“Allow me to stress that compliance with these guidelines is a condition to renewing a broadcasting license. Maybe I should repeat that to allow me to stress that compliance with these guidelines is a condition of renewing a broadcasting license. Do not say you are not told I’ve had to repeat myself,” She stressed.
And speaking earlier, IBA Board Chairperson Chikosola Chuula indicated that the document underwent wide consultation before being developed into law.

Mr. Chuula informed the Minister all broadcasting stations in the ten provinces were extensively engaged and consulted during the development of the guidelines.

And IBA Acting Director General Eustace Nkandu thanked the Minister of Information and Media for accepting to grace the launch of the guidelines for enforcement and handling of compliance breaches
Mr. Nkandu stated that the acceptance by the Minister to grace the event is a clear testimony of the importance she attaches to the development of the media sector in the country.


  1. Journalists also need a council of some sort. They are so amateurish nowadays. Its like they all never go to school. They write crap! Any baby can report and its rubbish they throw at newsmakers. Come on wake up! Thats why the state is controlling you. You are all under Fives!

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