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Chinese firm to set up electric manufacturing plant


A Chinese firm has announced its plans to set up an electric manufacturing plant in Zambia which will be making electric driven equipment.

Guangzhou Yondway New Energy Technology Company Limited Director, Sunny Luo says the firm wants to set up a plant which will be manufacturing equipment such as vehicles and motorbikes.

ZANIS reports that Ms Luo said this today when she and her delegation paid a courtesy call on Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry Chipoka Mulenga at his office.

Ms Luo explained that her delegation is in the country to explore prospects in new energy products in African countries and Zambia inclusive.

She said once the plant is established, the country will be able to supply the products to neighboring countries such as Malawi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe and Tanzania among others.

Ms Luo has since urged the Zambian government to support its investment by giving them land where the factory can be established.

“We want the government to support our investment, not only giving us land where the plant will be set, but we also want the government to put up a policy that will protect such investments. Whatever will be produced at the factory will be Zambian made. Therefore, we want the government to come up with policies that will protect our investment,” she said.

And Minister of Commerce, Trade and Industry, Chipoka Mulenga who welcomed the delegation said he hopes that preparations to set up the factory will commence before the end of this year.

Mr Mulenga said it will be good for Zambia to start producing the first ever electric driven equipment that will be exported to other countries.

He noted that setting up a plant in Zambia, resonates well with government’s agenda of embracing Public Private Partnerships (PPP) thereby improving the lives of Zambians through job creation.

“I must mention that there is another Chinese company that wants to set up a plant that will be producing electric batteries. So, a way for you has already been made and the government will protect and support your industry,” he said.


  1. Good development there. Hopefully it’s not just another promise. Still waiting for battery factory from the Italians. Soybeans exports to China. Electric cars pending promise…

  2. Oh they will come ! plus another few hundred technicians which will filter into our society unnoticed
    Another BRICS initiative ?? which some were praising

    • No capital, you need millions of dollars to establish an EV plant. We don’t even have the money to fix simple potholes

    • CBU can design a vehicle and the Chinese factory will build it with Zambian labor. That would be great for the everyone.

  3. I have lost count of how many promises….the problem these stories just end up dying a natural death…and i can assure this is the last time we are hearing from these Chinese….and what all the MOUs they’ve been signing all over the world????……It looks like Zambians are being its official the State House is behind Gold and mineral smuggling

  4. Involve the local engineers, seen how easily Chinese electric vehicles easily bust into flames. Check the health harzards that might be caused and mostly how many locals are going to be employed.

  5. There’s a Chinese mining company on the copperbelt…they mistreat their workers…Zambians are only employed as laborers….all the good positions are occupied by Chinese without even proper qualifications or work permits…they have toilets strictly for Chinese and separate toilets for Zambians….their monthly salaries range from K700 to K2500 the highest paid…..all the money the company makes goes straight to China….BRICS trying to copy the West to enslave us and steal our natural resources

    • You really just havent a grip on the situation have you
      There has been a 4 tier wage structure in Zambia since independence
      Zambians Employing Zambians
      Residents Employing Zams
      Expats Employing Zams
      Corporates Employing Zams
      I wont mention the toilet issue but those in Business know well

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