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Gold gate suspects charged with espionage


The eleven individuals, including Egyptian nationals and Zambians, have been arrested and charged with espionage under Zambia’s State Security Act. This development follows their alleged involvement in a Gold Scam investigation led by the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC). The suspects were presented before the Lusaka Magistrate Court for an explanation of the charges, marking a significant moment in this unfolding case.

Among the arrested, a notable figure emerged: Robson Moonga, the Commanding Officer of the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport (KKIA) Police. Moonga, alongside five Zambian nationals—Shadreck Kasanda, Jim Belemu, Patrick Kawanu (a pilot), Oswald Diangamo, and Francis Mateyo—found themselves facing these grave accusations. Additionally, five Egyptian nationals, including one Michael Botros, are part of the group facing these charges.

The charges brought against these individuals stem from their activities on August 13th, 2023, when they allegedly entered the Kenneth Kaunda International Airport with intentions deemed detrimental to the safety and interests of Zambia.

During the DEC’s operation, a considerable amount of evidence was seized from an aircraft at the airport. This evidence included a staggering 602 pieces of suspected fake gold, collectively weighing 127.2 kilograms. In addition to the gold, authorities reportedly discovered weapons on board, raising further concerns. The aircraft was also said to be stashed with a substantial sum of five million dollars in cash.

Despite the magnitude of the charges and the compelling evidence collected by the DEC, the suspects did not enter a plea during their appearance at the Lusaka Magistrate Court. This is because the case falls beyond the jurisdiction of the Subordinate Court, which means that it will be referred to the High Court for trial.


  1. A blanket charge of espionage might not stand on all the suspects, some are charged just to keep them in custody. Moonga and the Egyptian soldiers might be convicted because of the information they might have shared about the security details of the KKIA. But what happens to the gold scandal? Aren’t there any charges on that? I hope none of the implicated persons at State House has been shielded as that might dilute the case

    • It explains the statement the government spokespersons made last week, that if you get involved in crime the president will not shield you.

      We know that 3 of these chaps are very connected people to the inner-circles-of-the president.

      This is also a reminder to those who live in denial – that crooks & criminals are from every tribe in Zambia. These chaps are predominantly from southern province.

    • Our prosecuting authorities need re-training. How can involvement in a Gold Scam turn into Espionage? It looks like with this charge they will have no hope of getting a conviction

  2. This is theatrics and gymnastics….now we tell you that the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is the master mind….diverting attention and trying to dilute the gold case.. these guys will walk free in just a few days….its all scripted….ZAMBIANS ARE BEING TAKEN FOR A RIDE….ESPIONAGE…MY BEHIND

  3. The Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema knows what he is doing…these guys will walk free in a shortest period of time…remember the gymnastics PF used to play….fake arrests of Chitotela…..Chitalu Chilufya etc and i told you guys that it was all scripted just to fool Zambians and you all know what happened to both of them….HH is calling all the shots

  4. ……….

    DEC and other investigative wings are not competent enough ……….

    Hence the espionage charge which has no bail I think.

    This is a clear criminal case which the investigative wings have no confidence of resolving , hence slapping a more serious charge of espionage.

  5. So far nobody apart from weak Luapula province minister has been fired…. others once mentioned in a scandal the president will jump to their defense.

  6. This is an Criminal Enterprise. Why *Espionage Charge ? So that they can walk free on technical grounds !!

    Espionage is obtaining confidential or secret information without the knowledge or consent of the owner, often for political, military, or economic purposes. It typically involves activities like spying, surveillance, and intelligence gathering, and is often carried out by government agencies, individuals, or groups to gain a competitive advantage or insight into the actions of others.

    • I am not a law person , but ……..

      I have seen serious charges reduced to lesser charges……….

      Like the espionage charge in this case being reduced to racketeering or false pretence and corruption

    • Espionage is the new term for being in possession of fake gold, firearms and millions of dollars on a foreign aircraft lol

    We all know the outcome….HH and the DPP are just playing games and fooling Zambians..Its hard to fight corruption in Zambia because people who are supposed to fight corruption are the ones who are corrupt,,,THE STATE HOUSE HAS ALWAYS BEEN A COMMAND CENTER FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES….EVEN THE WHITE HOUSE HERE IN THE USA IS THE COMMAND CENTER FOR CRIMINAL ACTIVITIES AND CORRUPTION

  8. The country is being run by thieves.

    1.Scandle with Fertiliser.
    2.Scandle with KCM Indian Owrners
    3.Scandle with Gold Bars

    When does it end before it gets worse?

    • You seem to be good with stats, could you please provide with the stats during the during the 11 years of PF government. I guess it will be 20 times the list above

  9. This is how deceivers and divers score penalties when they play soccer…they fool the referee by diving in the Penalty box just to get a Penalty kick….now whilst gullible Zambians are looking for the word ” Espionage” on Google…Gold and other minerals are being smuggled out of Zambia as we speak….Gullible Zambians are now destructed by the word “Espionage”…all the accused will walk free just watch how the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema will dribble Zambians…..Zambians were dribbled by the same Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema and he sold most of Zambian owned companies….now he has formed a clique of known Bandits to do the dirty work for him…no wonder Lilian Siyunyi was removed very quickly

  10. The country is being run by thieves.
    That could be true
    Now show me anyone who is not a thief
    including all on here who act holier than thou

  11. Espionage is the new term for being in possession of fake gold, firearms and millions of dollars on a foreign aircraft lol

  12. First it was Gold that turned into copper…now is flimsy Espionage charges and any sane Zambian knows the outcome…”walk to freedom after being acquitted”….Jail is for petty theives not Politicians….they know how embezzle and get away with……The only Zambian that was convicted after being caught stealing was Sydney Chileshe the former ZEGA boss…he was sentenced to 9 years in prison with hard labor way back in 2004/5…..since then no one has been sent to Jail and no one will ever be sent to jail..NEVER…because Politicians control the Judiciary and all Judges are corrupt

  13. Espionage these guys will walk free. There’s no spying here just a pure case of money laundering.

    Espionage the case will be thrown away

    Money laundering thet will clearly be convict

    You wonder whose funds they’re shielding probably the one who’s hiding wealth from Zambians

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