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Headman calls for equal promotion of girl, boy child education


A traditional leader in Mkushi district’s chief Chitina’s area, has warned against neglecting the promotion of the boy child education in preference for girl children’s education.

Senior headman, Jonas Kufwata of Fibanga village told ZANIS that there has been too much emphasis on promoting girl child education while that of boys has received little promotion.

Mr Kufwata observed that girl child education has been championed by government and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for some time now.

He, however, noted that the education of the boy child has received less attention.

He said this has negative social results in the present and near future.

Mr Kufwata explained that the rise in juvenile delinquency could partly be attributed to the boy child education not being supported by deliberate policies that have the same intensity as the girl child education campaign.

He noted that the manifestations of this social challenge is already evident as some boys from vulnerable households are resorting to violent criminal activities such assaults and robberies ,and have joined juvenile gangs.

“These are the violent youth gangs that are attacking and robbing people right now in some parts of this district, as they feel vindictive for being neglected at the expense of promoting the girl child,” he said.

Mr Kufwata further said there is need for government and NGOs to redirect the focus and promote gender equality in education for both boys and girls.
“There should not be any form of preference to accord more education campaigns for one gender at the expense of the other,” he said.

  In another development, Mr Kufwata praised the government for subsidising   tertiary education for learners coming from vulnerable households through the Constituency Development Fund education bursaries.

According to Mkushi District Council, 151 learners have benefitted from secondary and tertiary education support in the second phase of the 2022 CDF whilst 78 learners benefitted in the first phase of this empowerment.


  1. Sense mwami, you focus on educating the girl child, while neglecting the boy child, the boy very boy that will grow into the man who’ll become her husband!!

    Let us balance the equation, both sexes need equal attention, esp now that the girl child has caught up, and often even surpassed their brothers…

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