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Military coup declared in Gabon following presidential election


LIBREVILLE, Gabon – A group of senior military officers in Gabon has declared a coup following the controversial presidential election results. Appearing on the national television channel Gabon 24, nearly a dozen soldiers announced that they were seizing power in the Central African nation, citing concerns over the election outcome and the direction of the country.

In a startling announcement, the officers declared the cancellation of the election results, the closure of all borders until further notice, and the dissolution of state institutions. The soldiers asserted that their actions were undertaken in the name of the Gabonese people, with the aim of defending peace and ending the current regime.

The coup announcement was accompanied by reports of gunfire in the capital, Libreville, adding to the tension and uncertainty surrounding the situation.

The presidential election, which took place on Saturday, saw incumbent President Ali Bongo declared the winner with 64% of the vote. However, opposition groups raised concerns about the electoral process, alleging irregularities and fraud.

Gabon, a country with significant oil reserves and vast forested areas, has been ruled by the Bongo family for over five decades. Ali Bongo took office in 2009 following the death of his father, Omar Bongo, who had been in power since 1967.

Tensions had been mounting in Gabon in the lead-up to the election, with opposition candidate Albert Ondo Ossa and his coalition raising allegations of irregularities, including issues with the ballot papers. Additionally, foreign media had reported restrictions on covering the election, further raising concerns about transparency.

This coup marks a significant development in the political landscape of Gabon and could lead to a period of uncertainty and potential unrest. The government’s response and the international community’s reaction will be closely monitored as the situation unfolds.


  1. What is causing these coups de tats? As the West enjoys the fruits with the ruling class, the people have to struggle to meet their daily needs. Bottom line is coups just make matters worse in the majority of cases because the army is not meant to rule but to protect. Because power is sweet, the soldiers will draw up a lengthy transitional program which they will keep on extending.

    • I agree. However, I foresee France intervening to restore the status quo. Not that I approve of French intervention. It’s just that I have read a bit about French involvement in Gabon by a British researcher Nicholas Shaxson. Gabon was the centre of the multi-billion dollar Elf scandal and it leaves the reader wondering if France is really a liberal democracy or a police state. There’s a French military garrison in Libreville and it’s there to take care of what the soldiers have just done.

  2. The coup in Gabon serves as a stark reminder of the risks associated with political instability and power transitions. This development could prompt concerns in Zim and across the continent about the potential consequences of unresolved electoral disputes and governance challenges. It underscores the imperative of upholding democratic norms, fostering transparent institutions, and prioritizing peaceful dialogue. The Gabon situation should serve as a cautionary tale for nations like Zim, highlighting the significance of maintaining stability and democratic principles for sustained progress.

  3. The coups in francophone Africa are revolt against French neocolonialism that has been perpetrated in the Sahel and West Africa. The people have had enough of political interference including assassinations, economic and financial pillage of their homelands by France. Enough is enough

  4. USA is setting a very good example about corruption and rigging elections and using Government resources to silence your opponents….In 2000 Presidential elections were rigged in Florida in favor of Bush…..Fast forward 2020 elections were rigged in favor of sleepy Joe Biden…

  5. Military take overs of nations is not good as the army are supposed to protect the nations , but the problem with those countries who were colonised by France have still remained under the yolk of France which steals every thing from those nations .
    These coup leaders could help change the French tradition of owning anything in it’s former colonies in fact fourteen countries continue to give France 50% of their national income.
    We shall wait and see what will happen if France will go to war with these young army officers now taking over those countries.
    In this generation !

  6. The Bongo family has ruled Gabon for five decades. What does that mean? That is not democracy but a monarch or socialist dictatorship. Africa is full of seam squirrels and corrupt geniuses. Let him be overhauled.

  7. Gabon has been asking for it. You cant have a Monarchy in this day and age! From 1967 only one family is seen to be fit for the presidency? And these autocrats have had the support of the West who never say anything about unfair regimes because their financial interests are always protected. But now its back to the 60s for Africa. Coups and coups and coups. What is spurring coup d’etats are the puppetmasters of course.

  8. @ Tarino Orange
    Take a closer look at all countries colonized by France…..France is still 100% in control and they have secret Military bases planted all over Francophone countries….and they keep on stealing from them…Africa is now waking up and saying no to imperialist

    This is typical of African Greed coupled with personal imterest
    Also always laying blame elsewhere, and never accepting responsibilty for our backward archaic ways

  10. The hypocrisy of the AU, EU and others…Bongo didn’t allow election monitors, he closed the internet. He wins the election and they congratulate him. Mnangagwa allowed monitoring and the country was open to all communication. He wins the election and he’s condemned. Only a baby cannot see that these organizations have preferred candidates. It has nothing to do with fair or unfair election process.
    So the people through the army had to remove Bongo.

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