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President Hichilema Tours Chipata Level 1 Hospital, Addresses Community Concerns


President Hakainde Hichilema visited Chipata Level 1 Hospital in Mandevu Constituency with the focus on familiarization of projects financed by the Constituency Development Fund (CDF) within the health sector. During the visit, President Hichilema interacted with medical staff and gained valuable insights into the hospital’s operations, highlighting the significant impact of CDF-funded initiatives on healthcare infrastructure and equipment.

One notable activity during the visit was the participation in a hospital cleaning exercise, emphasizing the importance of maintaining a clean and hygienic environment in a healthcare facility. President Hichilema and his team actively engaged in this activity to underscore the significance of cleanliness in promoting health.

The President expressed satisfaction with the positive outcomes of the employment of healthcare workers in the previous year, noting the improvement in staffing levels and the delivery of quality healthcare services.

Additionally, President Hichilema commissioned a water borehole, which will serve the residents of Mpulungu and Kabanana Wards in Mandevu Constituency. These areas have long faced challenges related to access to clean and safe drinking water. President Hichilema shared the commitment to extend this initiative to each constituency in Lusaka, recognizing the fundamental importance of water in sustaining life.

During the visit, the President and his team engaged with the community and received feedback on various matters, including free education. The community openly expressed their concerns about the high cost of mealie meal, and President Hichilema acknowledged their apprehensions. He affirmed the government’s commitment to resolving the issue by incentivizing farmers to increase maize production.

President Hichilema reiterated that his election was based on a promise of change, and his administration is dedicated to fulfilling this mandate relentlessly.

The President expressed gratitude to the people of Mandevu for their unwavering support and belief in his leadership.


  1. Remember at some point HH was refused entry into chipata by some hateful scared pf members. Today he is president

  2. What is needed is these hospitals is well known. These hospitals need medical supplies and equipment not touring them and taking selfies. Times for campaigning are over for UPND. This is the time to deliver on the many lies that the Zambian people were told by iChilema. Meanwhile the price of mealie meal is at k300, fertilizer at k1200 not to mention fuel and electricity. With zero tangible infrastructure to show for in two years.

    • The only achievement they have made is to buy white gloves for the president so that he doesnt get germs from handshaking citizens of his constituency.

    • Sorry Zambians , HH can’t go beyond this performance you can see around he has reached his fullest capacity, asking for more from this president is not fair for him , the only biggest problem he made for himself is to overate himself thinking that he was in the level of the late KK , and the late Michael Sata now you can see for yourselves the man you highly rated .
      See how he is fumbling there are no more ideas in that spongy brain , watch him when he goes southern province traditional ceremonies how he dances.

  3. Mr CDF omitted to visit 2 most important areas, the dispensary and the mortuary. He should have taken time to see for himself that there’s no medicine in the dispensary and he should have seen for himself how many cadavers were brought in dead and how many died in wards because of a lack of medicine. He lost the opportunity to see for himself how much damage has been caused to health service delivery since his government embarked on a fruitless witch-hunt to fix their predecessors

  4. OMG KK comes to the fore again
    A person who took this country from riches to zero held as an example Really ??
    Even Chiluba was better than him

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