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The “Abduction” of Sean Tembo: President HH’s Paul Kagame’s Evil Tactics


By Kapya Kaoma

Mr. Sean Tembo’s arrest and subsequent disappearance from his lawyers, friends, and family in what his Party described as an “abduction” speaks to President Hakainde Hichilema’s new modus operandi amidst his failed leadership. As prices of everything continue to go “Forward,” President HH regrets not dancing the dununa reverse. The clever economist has failed to reverse the economic trend of anything in the nation; leading to untold suffering. President Hichilema knows this, but what can he do aside from watching from the sidelines? Another NAPSA partial withdrawal? Another IMF Loan? Kaya!

Lie and lie and lie. But poor Zambians are tired of waking up and finding out that prices are up while their salaries remain static. As people boo HH and his cronies across the nation, his rage is directed at those who speak out–opposition leaders the most. Not long ago, HH enjoyed being worshiped, but now he is being cursed across the nation–Satan has more honor than President Hichilema to most Zambians. HH has to come to terms with this reality. Worse still, his opponents keep taunting him– but who taunts a monster without suffering its rage?

You may not like Sean Tembo, but the guy knows how to get on President Hichilema’s skin. He makes him look like a fool. But Tembo doesn’t know one thing, HH has adopted Paul Kagame’s evil tactics–torment your opponents to death while maintaining good relationships with the United States through AFRICOM. The violation of human rights or good governance is secondary to US military interests—hence how Hichilema treats the opposition leaders won’t affect his reputation to the US and its allies. This tactic works wonders–the United States becomes toothless. The US interests are more important than the broken bones or soulless body of Sean Tembo or Fred M’membe. So as long as the AFRICOM is established, HH can do whatever he wants to his opponents and the US will turn a blind eye. This is the new political reality in Zambian politics. The opposition needs to develop new tactics to resist Hichilema’s dictatorship–the old ones won’t work. Only mass uprisings that threaten US interests in Zambia are likely to force the United States to switch camps than the arrest of one political leader. Kagame has killed as many politicians as possible, but he remains the darling of the US.

The most threatening Kagame tactic is breaking your opponents in private, and leaving them to die in public. Nobody knows what they are doing to Mr. Tembo aside from President Hichilema and his boys. If he is poisoned, or infected with something while in police hands, nobody will know. This is how Kagame has managed to eliminate his opponents. So the arrest of Sean Tambo didn’t happen without Hichilema’s knowledge–he is involved. Of course, he will soon speak out and condemn the abduction. He will also blame the police involved; even threaten some firings. This is now his tactic. Yet the damage would have been done to Sean Tembo.

Another Kagame tactic is deceiving religious leadership into believing you respect them. Like Kagame, HH has managed to meet with all important religious leaders–he has pacified them into believing that he means good. The truth is, he borrowed this trick from his business buddy Paul Kagame–the murderous dictator who has killed every person who has attempted to stand up to him while remaining the darling of religious leaders. This makes it hard for them to speak up when people’s rights are abused.
I don’t want to sound alarmist–it is the truth. HH has no heart. A person with ubuntu wouldn’t have his opponents undergo what he claims he underwent under the PF administration. HH is a monster who will kill anyone who will stand in his way. The man wanted power so much that he was ready to perform any ritual directed by Seer 1. What would stop him from killing to remain in power? Sean Tembo is not the last–things will simply get worse. Only people with elephant skins should be prepared to take on this monster.

I am game!


  1. The man is the personification of evil. He instructs the police to stop the PF from holding public meeting for so security concerns but he goes around townships campaigning.

  2. Truth be told: this president is a fraud, Next time he does a presser, let him show us how that graph is doing.

  3. Yet another f00l from the east who was mute during pf rule because the president then came from the east. Now that we have a highly capable president from South, this rat sean zero can’t stand it. He is mentally retarded this one. I won’t waste more of my time writing about this f00l

    • Sorry that’s incorrect. Sean Tembo was the victim of a savage beating on Cairo Road by PF thugs. He ended up in hospital. You’re probably sponsored to spread the tribe red herring. It’s cheap backward and irrelevant.

    • So are you justifying what is happening now because it happened during PF era, did we not vote to rid ourselves of the same

  4. Thanks Kapya for providing insight about Bally. That has been my long held view about the monster, and the cult leader. People like Tarino Orange, MuZambian and Spaka, have momentarily leased out their brains and cannot think properly. Kagame’s close association with Bally must be interrogated.
    Bally is preparing for 2026 elections and by the turn of 2025 there will be no opposition in Zambia. Thanks to people like Rachael Chileshe Katolo who have come to their senses and are able to speak about the abduction of Feluna and Milton Haatembo. We are dealing with the most brutal regime using dark powers to subdue the opponents.

  5. I read the article by ST nothing malicious. Just because he mentioned munshilumbulwa he’s been kidnapped and taken to a place where nobody knows.
    And Joe Biden is quite just as he’s quite on the instigator of the genocide…. because these two are more useful than the entire populations in the two countries.

  6. I tell you if the coup d’etat that happened in Gabon had taken place in Zimbabwe, someone would be congratulating the soldiers.

  7. The Zambian government must quickly toll the line and congratulate President Emerson Manangwa in Zimbabwe. I wonder who will represent HH in next week’s inauguration ceremony in Zimbabwe. The regime in Zimbabwe is not bothered with Zambia’s non attendance. Zambia is risking isolation and negative press in SADC.

    • Just admit that your administration is more brutal than anything we have had since the founding of Northern Rhodesia and Zambia.

    • Dejavu

      “….more brutal than anything we have had since the founding of Northern Rhodesia and Zambia.”

      Also you…….stop taking drugs.

    • Nakulu this government has imprisoned all opposition leaders so far. Are crimes committed only by politicians? It just shows you State House is orchestrating these political arrests

  8. # Deja Vu
    Sorry to say I just think you hell bent on critizing this GRZ whatever they do
    Remember when in future a new administration takes over they too will inherit 90% of employees
    only Mps and such will change, And so the same problem will continue in the police force ACC and DPP
    also the corruption
    Now lets leave it there please

    • #Tikki my reason is that I hate double standards. HH visits some day care in some compound but instead of sticking to the issues connected to the visit he talks about some PF member who has been caught in Mozambique and also instructs the police to arrest certain people. To me he is disjointed. Finally he promised us roses without thorns but here we are caught up in bush thorns.


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