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Media urged to desist from dividing Zambia


Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda has called on media houses to practice professionalism through dissemination of accurate and factual information to the general public.

ZANIS reports that Ms Kasanda observed that some journalists have a tendency of disseminating harmful information that contributes to division in the country.

The Minister explained that certain media houses are fond of pushing a negative agenda instead of highlighting the right content that benefits all Zambians.

She stated that the role of the media is ensuring that the general public is kept abreast with real time information such as the Constituency Development Fund, free education, and massive recruitment among other social services being implemented.

She explained that this is the kind of information that people especially in rural areas should receive so that they too benefit from the opportunities by the government.

Speaking at a weekly press briefing in Lusaka, the Minister stated that the government has honored its promise of ensuring freedom of the media.

She said this is evident by the open space that is provided to various political parties on national broadcasters such as ZNBC.

Ms Kasanda reminded the public that content being aired on ZNBC covers all political parties because of the government’s acceptance that all Zambians ought to be provided a platform to air their views.

“The media should change the way of reporting, because media can either build or break a nation through dissemination of information, especially on radio which has a wider coverage,” Ms Kasanda stated.

And the Minister emphasised on the importance of Zambia News and Information Services in publishing factual and accurate Information to all parts of the country.

She stated that ZANIS having the largest presence in 104 districts has been equipped with requisite tools totaling to 60 digital cameras, 40 laptops, including 10 donated laptops for provinces and districts to enhance the mandate of the institution.

The Minister said that ZANIS being a government mouthpiece, conveys accurate information on government’s behalf, thus urging citizens to give feedback on the information publicized by the agency.

She further disclosed that the Ministry is currently in talks with the treasury to release funding for the completion of the eight Provincial studios.

She also underscored some of the success including issuance of radio and TV broadcasting licenses, enactment of media laws to regulate the media sector in a transparent and objective manner.

Ms Kasanda revealed that the Cabinet has already approved the Access to Information Bill in principle, and that an update will soon be given.

Meanwhile, Ministry of Information Permanent Secretary Kennedy Kalunga said that President Hakainde Hichilema realised the importance of ZANIS, thus equipping the institution with video and photography cameras, public address equipment and laptops for officers in Provinces and districts to effectively carry out their work.

Mr Kalunga revealed that ZANIS was neglected in terms of funding, last receiving new equipment during the United National Independence Party (UNIP) regime, a narrative that has been changed by the current administration.

And ZANIS Director Loyce Saili disclosed that the Agency is working with local people and youths in the film industry from various districts to provide content for the ZANIS TV channel.

She said that management has set aside funding that will be used to contract young people to produce short films for the TV, resulting in empowerment and job creation in the provinces.

She said that the institution has already moved into two provincial studios in Mansa and Kasama, awaiting installation of equipment so that the studios are fully functional.


  1. What is dividing? When media pedals lies in favor of the sitting government it’s patriotic. When media reports the truth that media is dividing the nation.
    When the media reported the secrets surrounding the Gold Scam, they were dividing the nation. But exactly what they reported is what has happened.

  2. 1. Just release that lunatic Sh!t Tembo, we need him rooming the streets.
    2. Leave Nawakwi alone, you already compensated abductors of Feluna, that case is closed.
    3. ACC should be arrested for stealing or trying to loot from the Gold traders.
    4. Is Mumbi Phiri also going to receive K6.5 million for political detention for reporting HH for treason?

  3. In Africa we like voting for known criminals…not only in Africa even here in the USA….all Politicians are big criminals starting from the President sleepy Joe

    • At least sleepy Joe creates jobs and reduces inflation and succesfully fights Covid. Mwatinikuno where the Kwacha has gone mad! And inflation is a friend of the ruling party.

    • Yes 2026 could disappoint… the supreme ruler is busy destroying the opposition by arresting them. Mweetwa Cornelius has admitted that he’s the one causing confusion in the PF without shame.
      Anyway they say Yesterday is gone
      Today is yours
      Tomorrow is beyond your control.
      Someone will pop up from somewhere.

  4. Nabena ati twabomba. Repeating the same rhetoric we have heard from previous ministers over and over. We all know it goes in through one ear and out the other. Why do we need this ministry? Someone tell me one good reason why we should pay millions of Kwacha to a minister and her Thabo Kawana for opening their mouths

  5. The media wether independent or government mouth piece should be free of political interference, then we shall have factual news.

    • When its a government mouthpiece it cant be free of political interference. Thats why government shouldnt own media in a democracy.

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