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ActionAid Zambia appeals to President Hichilema to address climate change


ActionAid Zambia in North-Western Province has urged President Hakainde Hichilema to address issues surrounding climate change as he opens the third session of the thirteenth National Assembly on Friday, September 8, 2023.

Organization Hub Coordinator Exilda Chisongo has told the Zambia News and Information Services in Solwezi District that the issue of climate change is something that needs serious attention by all stakeholders and ensure that leaders are committed to promoting climate justice.

Ms Chisongo said her organization is concerned that North-Western Province has not been spared from the negative effects of climate change.

“As the President opens the third session of the thirteenth National Assembly, we would like to hear him talk about the climate change agenda because our country is affected, so we would like him to encourage stakeholders to commit themselves towards promotion of climate justice and see to it that we re-commit ourselves to issues of climate change as a nation,” she said.

She added that trees have continued to be cut recklessly and wondered how committed the leaders are to mitigating the negative effects of climate change.

“Right now, we are struggling with issues to do with climate change, yet we have allowed citizens to continue cutting trees and the use of plastic bags that are below 30 microns in thickness in our communities,” she said.

Meanwhile, Ms Chisongo said government should expedite the process of opening the Kasenseli Gold Mine for increased revenue collection to grow the economy.

She said the organization believes that once the Mine is open it will create jobs for many Zambians to improve their livelihood and reduce poverty.


  1. Deal with the people who are buying the logs because people will cut the tree down if someone is prepared to pay top dollar. Why are you targeting the small fish? You know the problem but you prefer to target the poor.

    • By the same token why dont they chase the people paying luch money at every road block
      there will never be road safety as long as bribes are given

    • Why indeed don’t the Zambian media raise the issue of HH’s very very large carbon footprint? Does the media think Zambia is exempt from climate change?

  2. The Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is part of the problem because he is pushing for Mining in the Lower Zambezi…

    • The government just put a hold on that project. The owner of that mining venture is a well known PF funder and dubiously got his mining licence during the PF era.

    • He is very much part of the problem. “Hakainde Hichilema to address issues surrounding climate change”????
      Any analytical media should give us Zambians HH’s carbon footprint from his everyday flights and show us just how much he is contributing to climate change with his polluting of the skies.

  3. @ Future Zed
    What i have come to know is that Politicians are all the same and the only difference is the way they lie….like here in the USA you see Politicians in Black poor communities asking for votes but once they’re voted into office its game over and they will only show up again when its campaign time….i think the best way is to fight for ourselves with no Politician or Politcal affiliation…..Mukula trees are being smuggled…minerals are being looted…hard foreign currency disappearing in thin air…corruption is on the rise..the Judiciary is a circus and Judges cutting deals with suspects and Politicians….NO HOPE FOR ZAMBIA

  4. @Tarino Orange
    That’s what the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema promised his gullible praise singers….heaven on earth….now its exactly the opposite….HELL ON EARTH even known die hard UPND praise singers Lumbani Madoda Spaka and TIKKI have given up on the Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema

  5. I concur with Future Zed. I visited Milambo in Luapula recently. A businessman from Mbala is going all the way there to buy trees, yes, he is paying $2 per tree. The poor people are desperate for the cash to they are enticed by such “lucrative” offer! Big business is not in synch with climate change attenuation…despite their pronouncements in their annual report. FQML is the biggest culprit in Zed. The President is compromised between corporate business and climate change! I honestly don’t see a solution for Zambia. The entire mindset has to change. I gave a pre-dinner lecture in Mumbai about climate change five years ago and most people looked lost! Those were all professional people.

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