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Minister Advocates for Investment in Arts Development to Boost Employment and Prosperity


Minister of Youth, Sport and Arts – Elvis Nkandu is seeking investment in arts development to create more jobs and wealth for the country.

Mr. Nkandu said there is a need to inspire investment in not just the upcoming National Arts Festival but also Arts Development in general.

In the company of Minister of Information and Media Chushi Kasanda, Mr. Nkandu officiated at the 2023 National Arts Festival Gala Dinner held at the Radisson Blue Hotel in Lusaka.

The National Arts Festival which will be held from the 22nd to the 30th of September 2023 is a national celebration of Zambia’s rich artistic talent and aims to showcase the best of Zambian arts as expressed and experienced locally.

“The Festival embraces the Zambian longstanding belief in the unity of purpose, unity as a nation and unity in diversity. The National Arts Festival is staged on the principles of national identity, creativity, patriotism and excellence,” Mr. Nkandu remarked.

“The 2023 National Arts Festival will be held under the theme “Accelerating Economic Development through Investment in the Creative Sector” The theme was inspired by the Republican President of Zambia Mr. Hakainde Hichilema who is also our Country’s Chief Marketing Officer.”

Mr. Nkandu concluded:”Rethinking the rules of engagement in a changing artistic landscape, the Gala Dinner was meant to inspire investment in not just the National Arts Festival but also Arts Development in general to create jobs and wealth.”


  1. I gave up on zambian arts. Imagine being a fan of a useless noisy thug like y celeb. I now only listen to country music and old kalindula

    • @Tarino What is Y Celeb? You mean minister of Arts Pilato?
      Micheal Zulu would have made sense as minister than Pilato.
      Pilato should go back to protest in streets, he was more productive outside than currently mu mpoto.

  2. Does anyone know the artist who sang ‘one chikopo 4ngwee change’ I’m searching on YouTube and can’t find anything but I know the song

  3. “arts development to create more jobs and wealth for the country” Gosh, why do we black people only excel on sports & entertainment? Even in USA,The UK,Africa we only do well in sports & entertainment.
    What of engineering,medicine ,multinational industries,space and mining/processing our own minerals?Mind you there’s no black-led nation that is an industrial powerhouse…NONE ,not even South Africa.

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