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President Hichilema pledges to drill boreholes in Lusaka


President Hakainde Hichilema has pledged to drill boreholes in all the wards in Lusaka.

President Hichilema says this is meant to cushion the water challenges being faced by the residents in the respective areas.

The President said this today when he addressed a rally in Kanyama Constituency in Lusaka today.

The Head of State said he will use his personal funds to drill the boreholes around Lusaka stating that no government funds will be used towards the project.

The President who donated a borehole in Kanyama, urged the residents to take care of the water reticulation system.

“This project of drilling boreholes is a personal programme, it has nothing to do with government or CDF. I heard the councilor from Kanyama when he was welcoming us that this borehole will not be enough because the constituency has five wards. Mr Councilor, I have taken up this task and I will ensure that I drill boreholes in all the five wards and actually in all the 38 wards of Lusaka,” he said.

Meanwhile, President Hakainde Hichilema says government is committed to ensuring that law and order is maintained in the country.

The President said violence was the order of the day years back hence the new administration is working towards ensuring that there is love and peace in the country.

The Head of State said two years of being in office, government can boast of slowly returning peace in the country for the betterment of Zambians.

“I remember the time I came to Kanyama, I was not even allowed to hold a meeting and talk to people. Every time they hear am in this constituency there will be Police Officers everywhere and before we could know it, violence was everywhere. When I was elected in power, I promised the people of Zambia that I will ensure that law and order is maintained. And this is what am doing,” President Hichilema said.

The President further said government is aware of the many challenges the citizens are faced with, saying government is working on them including the escalating mealie meal prices.

The Head of State said he is working on reducing the price of the commodity by implementing a number of interventions such as stiffening security at the borders.

And the United Party for National Development (UPND) Deputy Secretary General, Gertrude Imenda said President Hichilema should be commended for the many developments he has undertaken including the debt restructuring deal.

Ms Imenda said the restructuring programme will see the country undertake a number of developmental projects that will trickle down to improving the living standards of people.

And Lusaka Province Minister, Sheal Mulyata who thanked the people of Kanyama for turning up in numbers, said President Hichilema has scored many successes such as the increment of the Constituency Development Fund and recruitment of health workers and teachers.

Meanwhile, Kanyama Member of Parliament, Monty Chinkuli thanked the President for drilling a borehole in his constituency saying people in the area are facing water challenges.

“Mr President these people love you so much, it is evident from the over 61 thousand votes that these people gave you. We are thankful for this donation but sir consider drilling boreholes in the other four wards that have remained,” he said.


  1. Water is life. Good works mr president. Those complaining and criticising you, failed to put those boreholes yet they were able to accumulate mansions with boreholes.

    • He promised 7 boreholes to each constituency. Then you have donated another 38 boreholes to each ward. You have also asked other business people to do their part meaning we may get another 1200 boreholes from LUSAKA business people. What you have forgotten is that most of the areas where these boresholes have contaminated water table. Pit latrines are all over Kanyama, Mandevu, Garden ,Bauleni and all these shanties….even the so called ku mayadi. Check the quality of water that comes from these boreholes….it does not meet the minimun WHO water standard. Its contaminated water.
      There will be more cholera , dysentry and other waterbone deseases in Lusaka. We deserve better than contaminated borehole water JUST GET US TREATED WATER FROM KAFUE RIVER….

    • Silly pledge. He should leave such tasks to Nkombo. Instead he should pledge the Kwacha will be K5 to a dollar
      And the mealie meal price will be K50

  2. So the government has no capacity, no plan, no direction to the extent that the entire city will depend on the benevolence of one individual.

    • Lusaka Province Deputy Permanent Secretary, Alex @Lumpenela Mapushi, says government is happy with the improvement in water supply to townships in Lusaka.

      Mr Mapushi says there has been an increase in the supply of water to townships in Lusaka.
      That was last week.

  3. Badala you are now feeling the heat ,Lies have short legs.Panic button has now been placed.Donate meal to every citizen from your own pocket to correct your lies

  4. This president doesn’t know matters most to Zambians bore holes are okey but at this time the pressing need is the cost of living.
    The president is now confused people are crying for food but he is giving them water , water water they already but now want food in the stomach not water mr president .

  5. We do not need personal favors. We have given you a to govern this country. You have managed to mess up everything in two years. Agriculture is a mess, mealie meal is a mess, fuel is a mess, mining is a mess. Your praise singers are trying very hard to explain the hunger is homes.

    • F00Iish frustrated pf cadres. Look how childish and desperate you are getting. You have failed to do objective checks and balances because mulifikopo. Very dull!!!

  6. Where is Lusaka water and Sewarage? We do not need you to start using ur personal funds. Govt must work unless your now telling us your govt has failed and you are rescuing with ur personal wealth. Is that the way to run a govt?

  7. We can only assume that when 2H came up with this idea, he must have thought about what he did at childhood. Had he been allowed to play with lego, kalambe, wire cars, touch or chi dunu at childhood, maybe he would have advocated for a sustainable state of the art clean water processing plant for the city. Manje maganizo ya ku munzi ni sink a borehole apa, now imagine if each and everyone of the 2 million plus population of Lusaka sank a borehole and soak-away? ticking time b0mb.

  8. This is the problem of voting naivety over experience. He thinks Zambia can be served under benevolence. Lusaka, especially, the places where he is commissioning those boreholes has contaminated water table. I hope experts have advised him. Sorry, I forgot the man is inadvisable. No one wants him to be a father Christmas. We want our tax to work. We are not interested in funds from his pocket. Zambia is not a charity organization. It is a country sustained through tax.

  9. This President is just good at making promises. We are now years further sincere came into power. Nothing has happened at all than locking up himself in his villa in new Kasama. He is an empty minded leader without any ideology

  10. When I saw ADEDO President making a speech on television. I realized the kind of leadership that we Zambians as a whole are envying for. He tackled land ownership issues and such issues as financial transparency from all political leaders. Up to now this man called HH has failed to review his assets. While this is required by law. How can one accuse others of thefts and corruption while we all know how suddenly became so rich under the previous more corrupt governments.

  11. Have you forgotten the rampart kleptocracy we got rid of in 2021 ? What about the powerful pf cadres who terrorised us with impunity ? When suspected looters are apprehended their cronies cry harassment! Don’t you guys want the thieves to return the stolen loot to state coffers?

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