Saturday, June 22, 2024

Catholic Church in Copperbelt Province Expects Improved Investment from Vedanta in KCM


The Catholic Church in the Copperbelt Province is expecting Vedanta to be a better investor after being given back Konkola Copper Mines (KCM) by the Government.

Vedanta has committed to inject US$1 billion into KCM within five years.

Ndola Diocese Director of Social Programmes and Projects Rev. Fr. Bernard Kapembwa said Indian investor Vedanta must look at the plight of miners, suppliers, contractors and the mining community.

The Priest said the Church expects Vedanta to pay suppliers and contractors on time while enhancing corporate social responsibility programmes in the community.

“Our concern is that Vedanta should now be a changed Vedanta not as it were. Before, I could see sometimes suppliers were not given their money in good time. I know the Government did its homework, conducting a due diligence – making sure that Vedanta will do the needful especially for the people of Zambia,” Fr. Kapembwa said.

“So we are hoping that as Vedanta comes they will be relating very well with the suppliers, contractors and also they will take care of the miners. It is gratifying to note that they are going to increase salaries for the miners and also some money has been apportioned for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR),” he said.

Fr. Kapembwa said: “We hope they can help even in infrastructure development in mine areas because roads are not very good in mine townships. Let them do big things so that mine towns can really look like mine towns indeed.”


  1. F00lish Church that has done nothing for Zambians apart from influence elections outcomes for incompetent thugs like lungu and Sata. Here is hh who has successfully sealed a good deal for many people on the CB. Muletasha ba shetani!!!

  2. Zambia has internet which has very rich news all around the world , our poor connectivity to what is happening in this world is our enemy .
    It is a well known fact internationally that ANIL AGWRAL has financial problems how do you trust that he can pump in money which he doesn’t have , it is all simple just google in his name the information will come up for you to see.

  3. The Catholic Church should get to know the ZCCM-IH executive who sits on the KCM board of directors to represent the interests of the Zambian government. There’s a whole country and local community whose stability depends on running KCM properly. We have learned the hard way. We will speak on the KCM through this ZCCM-IH person. Anil Agarwal should be reminded that this is a sovereign country. In fact we should get him to apologise to Zambia for insulting us.

  4. people must wait they should judge after operations of the mines has started and the collect the feedback from the miners ,local supplier’s and the mining community and it’s seems some people they didn’t want the mine to start working again and sometimes to be a arm chair adviser it doesn’t work.

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