Tuesday, June 18, 2024

New Luapula minister challenged to escalate developmental projects


Luapula Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LUACCI) President Emmanuel Munsanje has called on newly appointed Luapula Province Minister Njavwa Simutowe to escalate ongoing developmental projects in the province.

Mr. Munsanje who applauded President Hakainde Hichilema for appointing Mbala Member of Parliament Njavwa Simutowe as new Luapula Province Minister, says the business community in the province expects speedy implementation of projects as the Minister takes up office.

In a statement made available to ZANIS, Mr. Munsanje said Mr. Simutowe should immediately hit the ground running in order to address many issues affecting the province especially in the area of road infrastructure.

Mr. Munsanje cited both major and feeder roads as some of the projects that need the attention of the new Provincial Minister.

“We appreciate the Head of State, Mr. Hakainde Hichilema for being magnanimous to respond to our expectations of expeditious replacement of leaders in Luapula Province. We want to put it to the newly appointed Minister that here in Luapula there is no honeymoon but what is on your table is to hit the ground running and work,” said Mr. Munsanje.

Mr. Munsanje explained that many feeder roads are in a deplorable state and need to be worked on before the onset of rains.

He added that major roads in the province such as the Pedicle, Tuta, Chienge – Nchelenge, and Milenge among other roads need urgent attention as they are economic highways.

“Our plea to the new Minister is that the major roads leading into Luapula Province should be given 100% attention and 100% overhaul in the 2024 national budget. In fact, when the Ministry of Finance team came round, collecting inputs on what we want to see as Luapula Province, we submitted roads such Pedicle, Tuta, Kashikishi – Chienge – Lunchinda road, Milenge roads among others,” said Mr. Munsanje.

Mr. Munsanje has since pledged continued collaboration between LUACCI and Provincial Administration.


  1. Why he didn’t appoint a woman, there many women with balls like Given Katuta. Katuta can make a good minister.
    Luapula yalishama fye, always get lazy men.


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