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President Hichilema expected in China


President Hakainde Hichilema is scheduled to undertake a state visit to China from September10 to 16, 2023.

Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation Stanley Kakubo says the President’s visit to China, at the invitation of the President Xi Jinping, is aimed at reinforcing the long standing bilateral relations and cooperation between Zambia and China.

Mr. Kakubo says the visit will build on the previously held key discussions between the two leaders and the recent engagement having occurred during the China-Africa Roundtable on the margins of the BRICS Summit in South Africa.

He states that during the visit, President Hichilema will hold bilateral talks with his Chinese counterpart, premised on areas of mutual interest at bilateral and multilateral levels, including Chinese investments in key sectors of the Zambian economy such as energy, infrastructure, mining and manufacturing, among others.

‘’As a key highlight of the visit, President Hichilema and President Xi Jinping will oversee the signing of Bilateral Agreements and Memoranda of Understanding in various areas including economic cooperation and investment, which will set the foundation for practical results,’’ said Mr. Kakubo.

He notes that through the President’s high level engagements, Zambia is expected to benefit from China’s experience in development and management of economic zones and the transformation of ordinary towns and villages into economically viable cities.

Mr. Kakubo has indicated that the President is expected to hold meetings with key policy makers including the Chinese Premier, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and the respective Leaderships of Shenzhen City, Jiangxi Province and Fujian Province.

‘’The programme includes investment and tourism promotion fora in Jiangxi Province and Beijing where captains of industry from Zambia will be in attendance. In addition, President Hichilema will undertake a tour of a poverty reduction village which showcases China’s success in transforming villages into towns and cities with access to all the necessary amenities.

President Hichilema’s visit to the People’s Republic of China will enhance the all-weather friendship between the two countries, as well as yield tangible results for improved livelihoods for the Zambian people,’’ he said.


  1. ………..

    The presidents visit to mighty China, is…….

    Based on the predimise of 50/50 partnership……..

    The president is not going as an underdog………

    Zambia come first.

    • Spaka

      1. HH is the borrower or debtor. China is the lender or creditor. A borrower is always a slave to the lender, because the lender sets the terms of conditions. All you can do is to ask/push/beg to slightly fine tune contract-agreement-clause. But still China will have the upper hand. Its practically not feasible to have a 50:50 Deal. Your job as a debtor is get the capital and find a good investment, return your investment with good profit and repay the loans and beat interest rates.


    • Spaka

      2. Secondly bilateral agreements are (never & never) 50:50 between rich nations and poor nations. All agreements are structured to advantage the rich nations, because poor nations go to these round tables begging for deals, while rich nations, can always say … We have so many poor nations we can do business with, if you don’t like our terms, then Goodbye! Thanks for coming.

    • Spaka

      3. There is never a 50/50 deal, or fair-equitable-exchanges in any business *transaction*. One counterpart is always disadvantaged. It only happens when two entities invest equal-capital into a business venture, then you have equal shares.

      If Mercedes-Benz sells you $50K car, its not a 50:50 deal. You actually get screwed, because your car loses value the minute you drive it. While Mercedes-Benz, will use that $50K to make 2 or 3 more cars through compound investment.

  2. ………..

    The presidents visit to mighty China, is…….

    Based on the premise of 50/50 development……..

    The president is not going as an underdog………

    Zambia comes first.

    • #Spaka. Now it’s mighty China? A few days ago you had nasty things to say about China. That’s why I say if the president told you that eating fecal matter is nutritional you would support it.
      Have an independent mind or you will follow the corpse into the grave.

  3. Aha these are the people you should be sucking up to cos they have got you by the… They are the people you owe. Not the Israelis you were bootlicking

  4. This means the pf thugs and professional moaners will have nothing to complain about. They kept criticising hh for not visiting China. Now it is happening they will find a new thing to cry about. They will say he is travelling too much. Pf are f00ls hahaha

    • They thought it’s like the way they visit chagwa’ residence in ibex without invitation….kikiki
      Remember Kabuko’ calendar gift from the Chinese? We’ve been planning the state visit since that time.

  5. 1. HH good move and kudos. Better now than too late. Zambia will always be a pro-western nation culturally, but there is nothing wrong with strengthening relationships with China, that has largely adapted western economic policies, grown so fast to become the second powerful economy in the world, having stayed backward. This is the China that only allowed its private citizens to own cars in 1994. Before that only senior government officials were allowed to own government cars.


  6. 2. They are big benefits from economic cooperation with both the West & China such as:

    A). Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): Both the West and China can provide FDI to support infrastructure development, technology transfer, and job creation.

    B). Trade Opportunitie: Access to Western markets can lead to increased exports, while engagement with China can offer access to a vast Consumer Market and Supply Chains.

    C). Technology Transfer: Alliances with The West brings advanced technology and expertise, while engagement with China can provide access to cost-effective manufacturing and technology partnerships.

  7. D). Economic Diversification: You can diversify Zambias Economies by engaging with The West & Chinese markets, which redues dependence on a single trade partner.

    E). Infrastructure Development: China’s Belt and Road Initiative can contribute to further infrastructure development.

  8. Clowns like Mmembe should be embarrassed.
    Just look at how many US top officials have been trooping to China in the last few months.
    Fred thinks Russia and Putin still have clout…The reality is that China are the big boys now.

  9. All you saying we want infrastructure development your time is now but remember your wish will come only if GRZ gets Kaloba from B

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