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Use condoms correctly, don’t use them to clean computers – Kabwe Council


Kabwe Municipal Council has called for sensitization on the correct use of condoms because people are reported to be using the rubbers intended for prevention of pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, to clean computers and mobile phones.

Assistant Public Relations Officer, Nancy Chenga has charged that some people are in the habit of collecting condoms to clean their mobile phones, television sets, computers and other electronic devices.

Ms Chenga says the growing trend should stop immediately as it goes against the desires and aspirations of the National Aids Council, whose purpose for distribution of the condoms is prevention of HIV/AIDS, and other sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancies.

“It is unfair that people have taken to misusing the condoms instead of encouraging an AIDS free disease environment that corresponds with the country’s goal of eradicating HIV/AIDS by 2030,” she said.

Ms Chenga said the local authority, through its District AIDS Task Force (DATF) is doing its level best in ensuring that the condoms are distributed to the people, but that it is disappointing to note that they are being misused.

“As Kabwe Municipal Council, we are saddened to hear that the condoms which we are distributing to hotels, lodges, schools, government institutions and other public places are being used for unintended purposes, despite the frantic efforts we are making in safeguarding the good health of the people,” she stated.

Ms Chenga disclosed that the local authority distributes over a thousand condoms.

She announced that the council will intensify sensitizations to ensure that the condoms do not go to waste.

“We intend to re-strategize and go flat out in creating awareness and changing the mindsets so that we earn the support of the intended audiences in our condom distribution exercise,” she said.


  1. From all accounts coming out of Kabwe
    The council hasnt a clue whats going on
    there are so many important issues affecting the town and they concerned about condoms REALLY ???

  2. It is a sign of a good economy if people can afford to waste condoms on cleaning computers. In the diaspora condoms are very expensive.

  3. Its a sign that people dont need condomns if they are able to abstain. So whats the deal. Its fine and no pressure here. By the way why even in schools????? Dont confuse our children…

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