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Shadrick Kasanda denied bail


Shadrick Kasanda, one of the key suspects involved in the airport gold scam, has been denied bail in another case where he faces charges related to the disposal of property believed to be proceeds of a crime. The decision to deny bail was handed down by the Lusaka High Court on the grounds that his release from detention could potentially prejudice the ongoing case.

In addition to the denial of bail based on the risk of prejudicing the case, the court also cited Mr. Kasanda’s involvement in an espionage case where the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) issued a Certificate of Denial of Bail.

The verdict to deny bail was delivered by a panel of three High Court Judges: Pixxie Yangailo, Ian Mabbolobbolo, and Vincent Siloka.

Mr. Kasanda had sought bail through his legal representatives, arguing that he was entitled to it because the charges against him in the proceeds of crime case were bailable. However, the state countered this argument by asserting that his bail application for the proceeds of crime matter was invalidated by the Certificate of Denial of Bail issued in connection with his espionage case.

This development adds to the legal complications surrounding Mr. Kasanda, who has been embroiled in high-profile cases related to alleged criminal activities, including the notorious airport gold scam. The denial of bail underscores the seriousness of the charges he faces and the concerns of the judiciary regarding the potential impact of his release on the ongoing legal proceedings.


  1. If you live by criminality, don’t complain when the law visits you. Remember you are on your own. If pf tolerated your criminality, be aware that there is a new sherrif in town. That pomposity is now teaching this thug a lesson

    • Anyone who gets richer than me in Zambia is labelled a criminal. We can’t develop. That thing Kasanda just needs help to open up companies and employ people.

    • Nostradamus, this fellow is not being prosecuted because he is rich. He being prosecuted because of very specific crimes, such as the gold scandal and espionage. Even it were true that there are some people who getting through legitimate means who are being labelled criminals, this is not the case here, and furthermore, the majority of the rich people in Zambia would never be able to account for their wealth were they to be asked to do so. This is especially true of PF and MMD members. So please just shut up and let the law deal with the criminal

  2. How do you cut loose criminals and keep the sacrificial lamb…HH STOP YOUR NONSENSE AND STOP STEALING OUR MINERALS

  3. The Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema and his state house gang of Bandits all home and dry…..meanwhile looting and wasting tax payers money continues….


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