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Canadian Government Boosts Adolescent Health Project with $3 Million Increase


The Canadian Government has pledged an additional $3 million USD in funding for an adolescent health project known as ‘Her Future Her Choice,’ currently being implemented in various regions of Zambia. The announcement was made by Canadian Minister of International Development, Ahmed Hussen, during his visit to Liteta District Hospital in Chisamba District, Central Province, where the project is in progress.

The ‘Her Future Her Choice’ project, which commenced in 2019, has garnered commendation from international cooperating partners for its positive impact on target communities. Minister Hussen expressed his government’s awareness of the challenges faced by developing nations like Zambia in providing comprehensive adolescent health services. In response, Global Affairs Canada (GAC) has decided to increase its support for this vital initiative.

Yvonne Chibiya, Country Representative for Oxfam Zambia, expressed gratitude to the Canadian Government for collaborating with their organization to enhance adolescent health in Zambia. Chibiya highlighted the growing awareness among youths in beneficiary communities regarding their sexual rights, attributing this positive change to the project’s efforts.

“Sexual and Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR) are at the core of Oxfam’s mission. In areas where ‘Her Future Her Choice’ is implemented, the prevalence of HIV, early and unplanned pregnancies has significantly decreased,” Chibiya noted.

Chisamba District Health Director, Moono Shankanga, affirmed that the project has empowered adolescents with crucial information on Sexual Reproductive Health Rights (SRHR), enabling them to make informed decisions about their sexual health. Adolescents now have easier access to Sexual Reproductive Services (SRS) from healthcare facilities without facing stigma.

Dr. Shankanga reported an increase in the uptake of SRS at three health facilities: Malombe Rural Health Centre, Chikonkomene Rural Health Post, and Liteta District Hospital. These facilities now offer youth-friendly spaces where adolescents can comfortably seek SRS, including contraceptives and comprehensive abortion care.

Through Peer-to-Peer sensitization, adolescents have been encouraged to access SRS and have open discussions about their sexual health. Additionally, the health department has partnered with traditional leaders to promote positive social and cultural practices.

Martha Phiri, an Adolescent Peer Educator at Liteta District Hospital, shared her personal experience, stating that being part of the project has equipped her with knowledge about sexual health. She emphasized that being a Christian does not mean she should be ignorant about sexual matters and that she now feels better prepared to make informed decisions regarding her sexual health.


  1. Whoa whoa whoa, any strings attached to this money that we need to stop getting form these so better off countries and yet not.

  2. Such can only happen under a trusted competent regime. Twalumba new dawn na HH. You are doing a good job sir. During pf Sweden withdrew aid because of theft

  3. There’s always a hidden agenda in some of these sponsored programs. Liteta and Fringilla have the highest HIV and STD prevalence levels in Chibombo. There’s no deterrent as girls as young as 12yrs have free access to free abortions, contraceptives and condoms. Our traditions and family values are being eroded at an alarming fast rate. Soon there will be no Lenje and Soli culture to talk about.

    • The West never gives aid for nothing. They are trying to export their values to unspoilt Africa. They want African girls to behave like American girls. They would like the same abortion laws prevailing in their countries to be adopted by African countries. Thus the “Her future her choice” slogan which is very similar to the pro-abortionists American slogan of “My Body My choice”. They have failed to penetrate the Arabs and so they see Africans as softer targets

  4. I listened to Nevers Mumba yesterday about how the West uses other poor countries to sustain themselves…Nevers Mumba denied being a Puppet of the West and apparently his name was mentioned in Gold Mafia Scandal in Zimbabwe together with Hakainde Hichilema and Harry Kalaba…remember when Nevers Mumba was almost lynched in DRC and he went into hiding in a hotel….So these Politicians are giving away our minerals worth Billions and in exchange we getting donations which also ends up in the Politicians pockets….

  5. The only problem with Politicians is that they’re all the same….they make personal deals behind closed doors…The west is in need of our natural resources and they’re targeting puppet African leaders like HH to steal our natural resources

  6. “THE WEST” ??
    Why dont we chase them along with the EAST who are after the same natural rescources
    We 59 yrs and still struggling by poor deals set up in the past
    critising without knowing the criteria of the new deals just shows out lack of intellegence

  7. @ TIKKI
    I think its about time we forget the WEST or the EAST….but unfortunately our all our leaders think that its either the WEST or the EAST who can build our economies which is not true. And in a few days they will be traveling to New York for the Nonsensical UNGA which is a conduit for corruption and making personal deals


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