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Ibenga Girls Secondary School celebrates 60th Diamond Jubilee Aniversary


The Catholic Diocese of Ndola’s Bishop, Benjamin Phiri, delivered an insightful message during the Diamond Jubilee celebration of Ibenga Girls Secondary School in Mpongwe. Bishop Phiri underscored the profound role of formal education, emphasizing that it should empower individuals to provide meritorious service to one another, ultimately making them better citizens.

In his sermon during the Mass held to commemorate the school’s 60th anniversary, Bishop Phiri expressed his admiration for Ibenga Girls Secondary School for its significant impact on the lives of its former students.

“Now we celebrate what is termed the Diamond Jubilee, a moment of grace, a moment to thank God. We are looking back and thanking God for the many graces he has given us in this place of learning. We thank God for the achievements. Many people have been educated. Many women are great today because they have passed through this place, Ibenga Secondary School, to receive an education and are now able to contribute positively to the community,” preached Bishop Phiri.

He continued by emphasizing the transformative power of education in bringing individuals closer to God and enabling them to serve their fellow human beings meritoriously.

“Your learning must always help you to come closer to God. Education must help you to give meritorious service to your fellow human beings. It is in our fellow human beings that we see God,” Bishop Phiri proclaimed.

He drew inspiration from the Gospel reading of the day, where Jesus emphasized the importance of serving others. Bishop Phiri noted that education should lead individuals to follow Jesus’ example by proclaiming freedom to the imprisoned, bringing sight to the blind, and providing relief to the oppressed. He linked these principles to the concept of a Jubilee Year, a year of favor and grace.

Concluding his sermon, Bishop Phiri emphasized that if education does not guide individuals toward serving others and promoting the well-being of their communities, it loses its purpose and meaning, rendering it vain.

Ibenga Girls Secondary School, which has been an educational institution for 60 years, celebrated its Diamond Jubilee with a strong message of the transformative power of education and its role in shaping responsible and compassionate citizens.


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