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Angry mob murders 68 year old Kasempa man on suspicion of witchcraft


A 68 year old man in Kasempa District of the North-western province has been murdered by an angry mob on suspicion of practicing witchcraft.

The sad development was confirmed by North-western police commanding officer Dennis Moola.

Mr Moola disclosed that police in Kasempa district were in receipt of a murder case which occurred on Saturday 9 September 2023.

He further disclosed that a man by the name of Benwa Sondashi aged 68 was murdered by a mob of people that descended on him after being identified as the wizard who killed a 12 year old child.

“Brief facts are that the boy was sick for quite some time and was taken to Mukinge mission where he was admitted to after being diagnosed with pneumonia,” he added.

Mr Moola said that the family of the demised child hired a witch finder to reveal the identity of the person who killed their child.

“ Immediately after the burial, family members engaged a witch finder who finally named and pointed at Benwa Sondashi as the person behind his death, ” he added.

Mr Moola revealed that when police officers visited the scene of the crime they found the victim’s remains lying downwards.

“Upon inspection, they discovered a deep cut on the right side of the head, bruises on the body and blood oozing from his nose,” he added.

Mr Moola alleged that the angry mob might have used sticks, stones, Kicks and fits to kill Benwa Sondashi.

He added that the body of the victim was deposited at munkinge mission hospital mortuary awaiting post mortem and no arrest hás been made.


  1. While our friends overseas are celebrating people hitting one hundred years, here in Zambia it’s an offence to grow old. What a country.

  2. Arrest all involved, including the ignorant witchdoctor, put them away in jail and throw the keys away. Better still, feed them to the crocodiles!

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