Friday, March 1, 2024

Tanzanian truck driver runs over 6 year old boy


A heartbreaking incident on the Solwezi-Chingola road has led to the loss of a young life as a Tanzanian national faces charges of causing death by dangerous driving. The tragic accident unfolded in the Kabisapi area, leaving a 6-year-old boy, identified as Andrew Katuka, fatally injured.

Dennis Moola, the North Western Police Commanding Officer, confirmed the incident to ZANIS, shedding light on the circumstances that led to this heartbreaking event. According to Mr. Moola, the accident occurred around 16:40 hours when the driver of a Faw truck and trailer, bearing registration numbers T318 DYW and T296 DYW, respectively, lost control of his vehicle due to excessive speed.

The driver of the truck and trailer has been identified as George Ally Hamisi, aged 44, a Tanzanian national. Tragically, young Andrew Katuka, who was just 6 years old, sustained severe head injuries in the accident and tragically lost his life on the spot.


  1. Did he lose control ?
    Whilst its very sad indeed for the poor youngster
    I certainly dont trust our police competance in recording statements
    unfortunately LT wont follow this case so we will never know

  2. This is were the Zambia police are missing a huge opportunity to raise revenues by dishing out fines to these truck drivers. You have the duty to keep everyone safe on the roads by targeting careless drivers but you choose to target the innocent ones. The lose of this youngster should not go unpunished.

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