Thursday, February 29, 2024

U.S. Government Donates High-Performance Helicopters and Training to Zambia Worth K1.5 Billion


The United States Government has gifted Zambia with four state-of-the-art high-performance helicopters, valued at approximately K1.5 billion, alongside a comprehensive three-year training program for staff. The generous donation underscores the commitment of the United States to support peacekeeping missions, disaster response, climate change mitigation, and regional assistance in Africa.

The announcement was made by United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) Commander General Michael Langley during a media briefing. General Langley emphasized that these helicopters would enhance Zambia’s capacity to contribute to United Nations (UN) peacekeeping missions across the African continent, further solidifying the country’s commitment to promoting stability and peace in Africa.

“These high-performance helicopters will not only support Zambia in its vital role in UN peacekeeping missions but also stand ready to respond to future disasters, mitigate the effects of climate change, and provide assistance to neighboring nations,” General Langley stated.

The donation signifies the United States’ recognition of Zambia’s regional importance in addressing various challenges, including peacekeeping operations and disaster management. The helicopters’ capabilities will significantly bolster Zambia’s ability to swiftly respond to crises and extend humanitarian aid when required.

Zambia Army Commander Lieutenant General Sitali Alibuzwi acknowledged that the military has entered into numerous agreements with different countries, reinforcing Zambia’s commitment to fostering international cooperation for mutual benefit.

U.S. Ambassador to Zambia Michael Gonzalas underscored the multifaceted nature of the relationship between the United States and Zambia. He highlighted areas of cooperation that encompass not only military support but also extend to health initiatives and other key sectors. The partnership reflects the shared commitment of both nations to enhance stability, security, and overall development in Zambia and the region.


  1. AFRICOM has now become operational. The Yankees will be telling the puppet what to do and he’ll in turn instruct the Army Commander

  2. Zambia is probably the only country where a thief can knock on your door and tell you that they will come and steal from you the next day and the owner leaves the doors wide open. Just look at every country that the US has been involved in. We never learn. I’ll say it again…we make the same mistakes over and over but expect different results. All the countries experiencing wars have a common denominator, US and UK. If we want helicopters, why can’t we buy them using our resources?

    • “Zambia is the only country where a theif comes to knock……”

      For sure………

      Look how a fraud convict was elected as president……..

  3. Everyone is free to donate. The pro-China parties can also ask them to donate. When Zambia was pro-china, how many helicopters did we receive?. All we got were highly inflated road projects

  4. Whether you like it or not the Americans are here! For what? To protect their interests . They want copper, Lithium and Manganese! You will not stop them.

  5. ……….

    These are just surplus to the US army……..

    They have too much war equipment, even they don’t know what to do with it………

    The Americans are free to donate to zambia

    However, these choppers can be used for emergencies and other disaster situations and for other social and economic needs in far flang places of zambia

    Forward 2031……

  6. ………….

    If the Americans want to donate surplus equipment……..

    Especially dual use equipment like choppers that can be used for emergencies and other humanitarian and government work……..

    They are welcome……..

    Would you rather zambia buys choppers from China or gets them for free from the USA ???

  7. Excellent partnership. We are now in the champions league. Let those who think Russia is the saviour seek old and outdated equipment from Russia. We in champions league will cooperate with the countries that offer the best and most advanced technology

  8. It’s better to have a donation of a road project or health institution than military hardware. It’s like when you are poor and someone donates an AK 47. What is the intention of the donor? Chenjelani ba swine imwe… There’s no free lunch in the world. It’s idya niku dye!

    • Right now the Americans have surplus choppers to give away…………

      Do you want GRZ to say no…..give us money instead ??

  9. Zambia has become the enemy of every American enemies, our lives are at peril, if their wanted to donate they could have given us farming material not combat helicopters. Why are these leaders stupid still everywhere Americans go their bring war with them conflicts among nations already their is a tension between Zambia and southern ZimZijm. And people you shouldn’t forget about the yellow cake(“URANIUM”) that we have in solwezi scramble for African in modern days horrific

    • Zambia is witnessing massive investment and no investor can invest money in a country whose security is at risk. We need to arm ourselves so that anybody who wants to attack Zambia should think twice. For me it’s a good move

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