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UPND Youth Demand Explanation from ECZ Regarding Edgar Lungu’s Three Presidential Nominations


Youth members of the United Party for National Development (UPND) on the Copperbelt Province have called on the Electoral Commission of Zambia (ECZ) to provide a clear explanation for allowing former President Edgar Lungu to file nominations for Presidential elections on three separate occasions.

Mr. Lungu, who served as the sixth President of Zambia from January 26, 2015, to August 24, 2021, contested the Presidential elections in 2015, 2016, and 2021. The UPND youths are particularly concerned about the legality of his third nomination in 2021.

In the 2021 elections, Mr. Lungu was ultimately defeated by President Hakainde Hichilema, following a controversial court ruling that declared him eligible to contest the polls despite having already served two terms as President.

The UPND youths have submitted a petition to Copperbelt Minister Elisha Matambo, urging him to request an explanation from the ECZ regarding what they perceive as a violation of the constitution.

UPND Copperbelt Vice Chairman Kangwa Kamando emphasized that the Zambian constitution clearly stipulates that an individual can only file nominations for Presidential elections twice.

“We further petition the minister to tell ECZ (Electoral Commission of Zambia) to explain to us how they allowed an individual to file nominations three times when the constitution is clear that a person can only file nominations two times,” Mr. Kamando stated.

He also issued a challenge to Mr. Lungu, urging him to make his political intentions clear to the public.

“Anyone that wants to come back into politics let them declare so because we are ready to meet them on the ground,” Mr. Kamando asserted.

The UPND youths’ call for transparency and adherence to constitutional provisions has sparked discussions within political circles. It remains to be seen how the ECZ will respond to their petition and whether Mr. Lungu will address the speculations regarding his potential political comeback.


  1. It’d be better for these youths to expend their energy on productive matters. Although we know that the judgement in the eligibility case was flawed, there’s no need to revive the case just because HH is stiff scared of ECL’s possiblity of a comeback. What will keep him in power isn’t the annihilation of opponents but delivery. This man and his Party are petty

    • @Ayatolla ECL won’t even be permitted to file in nominations because this is NOT a government of lawlessness and hooliganism that he presided over. The new dawn is a government of laws. ECL has already been elected twice to that office. The PF should not even waste their time on ECL. They should elect another candidate. Remember what happened to Bowman and Joe Malanji?

    • ECL will be better off applying for Credit Window and going big on farming, than attempting ukubwelelapo
      What makes you believe that the 1mil + will suddenly change their mind and vote for ECL? You are misleading ECL to think he can win over HH.
      HH is not concerned about ECL, ba PF is just making it feel as though Lung is a threat, not at all. If you think those small pockets of youths that chant wherever ECL goes are enough to take him back into plot 1, you will be surprised.

  2. They have run of ideas to convince the people. Someone is abusing our children by sending them to harass Edgar Lungu so that people’s attention is diverted from the real issues.

  3. We have a president who keeps running away every time things heat up. He is in China begging the country he spent years insulting. Things do really fall apart don’t they?

    AND THE UPND youths should be told to zip it
    Perhaps even have a seminar on freedom of speech and civil rights
    This should also include the police

    • HH has seen nothing or said anything ! its the so called police and over jealous UPND youths who are causing the issue here
      ECL is playing a very subtle game here for those who are blind on here
      and so what if he is ? surely he can do what he wants withing the law

  5. Lungu is a very selfish man. The party has to move on. He had his time and let him give chance to others to lead the party…

  6. The youths should go and challenge the Concourt on the ruling. As things stand now ECL has constitutional right to stand in 2026 if he saw wishes

  7. Let us not waste time on failures and losers like lazy lungu. He is no threat to anyone. The same thugs that lied to him prior to 2021, are now feeding him more p00 p00 that he can win.

  8. Ici icipani twatamfya ala takwaba kulapila nakalya. Let them come and subject themselves for elections in 2026 and we will teach them a terminal lesson.

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