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Kenneth Kaunda Museum in the Works to Honor First Republican President


The Ministry of Tourism is actively exploring potential locations for the establishment of the Kenneth Kaunda Museum, a tribute to Zambia’s first Republican President, Kenneth Kaunda, who played a pivotal role in the nation’s history.

Rodney Sikumba, the Minister of Tourism, disclosed that one of the proposed sites under consideration for the museum is in close proximity to the TAZARA (Tanzania-Zambia Railway Authority) museum in Lusaka. Additionally, the government is contemplating the transformation of the existing Lusaka museum into a permanent exhibition dedicated to the life and legacy of Kenneth Kaunda.

Minister Sikumba emphasized the importance of ensuring that the museum accurately reflects the contributions of freedom fighters and pan-Africanists. Museums serve as invaluable repositories of history, preserving the rich heritage and experiences of individuals and movements that have shaped the nation.

The Kenneth Kaunda Museum, once realized, will serve as a beacon of remembrance, celebrating the life and achievements of a leader who was instrumental in Zambia’s journey to independence and its subsequent development as a sovereign nation. It will provide a platform for visitors to gain deeper insights into Zambia’s history and the enduring legacy of Kenneth Kaunda’s ideals and principles.


  1. Every provincial capital should have a museum. SP Choma already has one, others should follow suit.

  2. I sometimes fail to understand Zambians, Mr. Kaunda was the “Malawan” chap who called us “stupid *****s” and made us sweat under a notorious state of emergency for 27 years during which time innocent people were incarcerated, tortured and killed for merely expressing their personal opinions. Today this Malawian Kainyokolile Zulu wants us to build a museum for a dead dictator! Anyway, with Malawians you never know, look how Kamuzu Banda ravaged those bakamulya imicila ya koswe for 30 years, something is amiss with those imbecilic lunatics!

    • Njangwamuloty

      You need some education. Your bitternes is not good for you. KK was born in Zambia, that makes him Zambian. Yes his father came from Malawi in the 1920’s before Zambia became a Republic. His mother was Tumbuka, from Eastern Province, hence his children have Tumbuka names.

      Zambia is a nation of people who mostly came from East, South, North & West bordering nations. We did not have nations, until when colonial masters divided us. If anything true indigenous people of Zambia are Solis and Ilas of central province, where the name Lusaka derives from the word Lusakasa.

  3. It could have been interesting to know why KK made some decisions like the quelling down of the Lenshina uprising. Why did KK bequeath Kalengwa mine to the Chinese? Why did he append his signature on the BA64? There were many decisions that have remained unexplained. The truth seemed to have been suppressed because KK stood astride of two nationalities. It’s only in his latter years of life that he began to tolerate any comments about his Malawian roots. Such a museum should have all these stories and not praises alone

    • Ayatollah

      I totally agree. History without exposing its dark side is not complete history. The whole truth must be stated about KK.

      As for Alice Lenshina and her Lumpa Church, one can say that if KK had not halted her uprise that led to more than 1000 plus people die, it could have created a civil war. She believed, she was a prophet who came to save Zambia. The colonial masters secretly funded her to create havoc so that Britain could say Northern Rhodesia was not ready for Independent. Adam Mushala was another unnecessary headache.

  4. KK’s old house in Lusaka is a national monument, build the museum there and preserve the house, making it part of the museum.
    Secondly, why not make the museum a museum of all former President? More to see for the curious mind and it just seems logical.
    It won’t be long before other people cry for museums for other presidents.
    Make it The Presidential Museum of Zambia.

    • @Uncle Spider. 100% spot on!!! These UPND empty suits are really amazing. Sikumba is just looking for an avenue to steal. SMH

    • What stops you from seeking funders for each President separately? If anything that makes Zambia more interesting. Just visit our friends in America, Europe and see how they have done this

  5. Lastly, I don’t think suggestions from here are passed on to responsible people. But we should also build libraries named after former Presidents. It is better than building them retirement homes.
    Build the libraries and let their respective offices lobby for books.

  6. Kenneth Kaunda was just the last man in the relay race that took us to independence. There were other members of the relay team who handed the baton to him. Zambians did not even vote for Kaunda in 1964. He was chosen for us by the British because he’s the one they were most comfortable with to hand power to. Minister of Tourism Rodney Sikumba doe not seem to understand the history and politics of colonisation and decolonisation from the points of view of both the coloniser and the colonised. For completeness, it’s important to understand both.

  7. KK ruled Zambia with an iron fist and a loving heart. The country was very united during his tenure.
    Only the mambas can not appreciate what he did. At the heighten of the Cold War. He had to deal with those who were trying to destabilise the nation. Mushala like Savimbi was sponsored

    • Kaunda did a good job certainly given the challenges of the 1960s and his own humble education. Kaunda had to rely on his mentor Julius Nyerere who was older and better educated to understand the world around him. Kaunda’s critics do it with the benefit of hindsight and have no way of knowing how it felt to try and build a resilient economy without an enlightened and experienced class to craft and implement public policy.

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