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Kansanshi Mining PLC’s S3 Expansion to Boost Copper Production to 280,000 Tonnes Annually


Kansanshi Mining PLC, a prominent player in the mining industry in Solwezi District, has revealed that its S3 expansion project is poised to significantly elevate copper production at the mine. The expansion is expected to increase annual copper production from the current 150,000 tonnes to an impressive 280,000 tonnes.

General Manager of Kansanshi Mining PLC, Anthony Mukutuma, made this announcement, shedding light on the ambitious S3 expansion project. He revealed that a substantial part of this project includes the construction of a state-of-the-art copper processing plant, which is estimated to cost approximately $900 million.

Mr. Mukutuma emphasized that the full-scale operation of the S3 expansion project is projected to result in the production of 280,000 tonnes of copper by the year 2026. This substantial increase in copper output is expected to make a significant impact on Zambia’s mining sector and the global copper market.

During a recent tour of the mine’s assembly workshop at Kansanshi Mine, Mr. Mukutuma shared that the expansion of the S3 project has already generated over 3,400 job opportunities. This not only contributes to employment in the region but also underscores the mine’s commitment to local economic development.

In addition to Mr. Mukutuma’s announcement, Kelvin Chitambo, Operational Readiness Superintendent at Kansanshi Mining PLC, shared insights into the project’s progress. He revealed that the southeast ore pit is now prepared for mining, with the anticipation that all necessary approvals will be obtained from the relevant authorities.

The S3 expansion project at Kansanshi Mining PLC represents a significant investment in Zambia’s mining industry, promising substantial growth in copper production and providing a substantial number of employment opportunities. As the project continues to unfold, it is expected to contribute positively to the local economy and the broader mining sector in the country.


  1. Whilst the Spider applauds this development in terms of investor confidence, I am left wondering what this means for the ordinary Zambian citizens. Indeed, we may employ more miners in Solwezi and perhaps engage some suppliers.
    Here is Uncle Spider’s worry. Firstly, we have effectively removed taxes from mines, these expected profits will not add to the national coffers. Secondly, the government has amended the Public Procurement Act to remove the need for local suppliers. Essentially, the mine can now legally outsource everything it requires from countries outside of Zambia.
    Back to design my web.

    • I agree. I think the people of Zambia need to see more benefit from the extraction of their resources. The government should take all mining into public ownership and develop high value artisanal end use of copper, such as jewelry, for export.

    • Helen Zulu of Times of Zambia’s Business Supplement wrote an article in conjunction with a Mining Consultant from London in 2013. That article expressed the same sentiments. It ruffled feathers in the FQML hierarchy!

  2. The only benefit to locals is that they’re now able to see huge equipment as it passes by. Zambians have never seen such huge earth moving equipment. Some even died or grew very old without an opportunity to see such marvels! Now that we have Kansanshi in our midst, we thank God that we have this opportunity to see such things. It’s a blessing. Some people died without seeing a 330 ton bucket

    • We already used to have these at the then Nchanga open pit mine. Sadly, it the benefit to the ordinary people that matters than just watching these colossal machines passing by.

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