Saturday, March 2, 2024

RTSA Lifts Suspension of Likili Motorways’ Road Service License


The Road Transport and Safety Agency (RTSA) has officially lifted the suspension of Likili Motorways’ Road Service License (RSL), allowing the operator to resume its services. This decision comes after the agency had suspended the license in response to a series of tragic road accidents, including the Mpika and Kabwe incidents, which resulted in the loss of ten lives.

RTSA’s Acting Head of Public Relations, Mukela Mangolwa, confirmed the lifting of the suspension and emphasized that Likili Motorways Limited had successfully met the stringent conditions set forth by the agency. One of the critical conditions was the successful completion of a competence test for Public Service Vehicle (PSV) defensive driving by Likili bus drivers.

Mr. Mangolwa also highlighted that the operator had met the minimum threshold or score outlined in the fleet management policy, which is a crucial requirement for resuming operations. This policy is aimed at ensuring the safe and responsible management of transport fleets.

While announcing the reinstatement of Likili Motorways’ Road Service License, Mr. Mangolwa stressed that the RTSA would maintain vigilance in monitoring the operator’s commitment to the key focus areas outlined in their Fleet Management Policy. This commitment reflects RTSA’s dedication to enhancing road safety and ensuring that operators adhere to the highest standards of safety and responsible transportation.


    • It’s not possible @Jah Man. Someone has pocketed money at the expense of lives. And RTSA has no capability to monitor them

  1. I have been wondering if the Ila people of Mumbwa have adopted the Nyanja language as their official language apart from their local Ila language .
    I say this because during the rioting and killing of the two business men namely Sikaonga and the Tanzanian as you hear them saying things in Nyanja , Iam really surprised that they chose to use another language and not speaking the Bantu Botatwe language it is shocking.
    I s this the level of tribalism we have reached in Zambia it is like transfering their local problem to the eastern province, Iam doubting that all this fiasco is not the baby of tribalism seeing that Sikaonga and the Tanzanian are doing business in the other province.
    Well those are just my thoughts.

    • Kikikikikiki! As a Bemba in a fishing camp among the Lozis around Lungwebungu makoya etc-where my wife comes from-I was very amused that the prevailing lingo was always Lozi. That was until someone started a fight. Then both combatants would switch to Bemba. I would want to laugh at the broken Bemba but the situations were really serious so to separate the fighters I just had to join in “Bafi..Lekeni amano yakutumpa!”
      Then they would drunkenly separate shouting “alitumpa akamponoka!”

  2. Lets hope no brown envelopes exchanged hands
    All mororisst without exception have seen all bus servives speeding way over the limit
    and there lies the problem SPEED SPEED !!
    Speed recorders should be installed and downloaded after every trip and given to RTSA, with fines issued accordingly for the times over the limit

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