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Mumbwa mob violence leads to two deaths


A tragic incident in Mumbwa has left the community in turmoil, as rage over the killing of a young person named Mwiya Kashweka, led to mob violence, resulting in the deaths of two business people and extensive damage to government property.

The unrest was sparked when members of the community, became frustrated with the police’s efforts to prevent them from accessing a suspect held in custody, in connection to Kashweka’s death.

At approximately 10:00 hours yesterday morning, four individuals were discovered to be involved in the murder of Kashweka and swift police action led to the arrest of one of the suspects.

As news of the arrest spread through the community, some residents demanded immediate mob justice for the arrested suspect. However, the police determined to gather as much information as possible and resisted this demand, emphasizing the need for a proper legal process.

This frustration culminated in the burning of government property, including offices for the veterinary department in Mumbwa.

Unfortunately, some community members took matters in their own hands and targeted two individuals namely Ernest Sikaonga also known as Yakaipa and Arnold Mwakiyama popularly known as Dollar One, on suspicion of involvement in ritual killings.

Tragically, this resulted in the deaths of Sikaonga and Mwakiyama, both well-known businessmen in Mumbwa.

In an official statement, Permanent Secretary Milner Mwanakampwe addressed the media, expressing deep concern over the events that transpired.

Mr Mwanakampwe, also issued a stern reminder to the citizens, saying they should never, at any single time, take the law into their own hands because when there is an allegation, they may end up killing innocent people.

Furthermore, Mr Mwanakampwe condemned the act of taking the law into one’s hand and the subsequent destruction of government property.

“I wish to confirm that offices for the veterinary department in Mumbwa have been burnt down,” stated Mwanakampwe.

The Permanent Secretary emphasized the consequences of such actions, noting that it would take time to recover, considering the limited resources as so much has been lost in the tragedy.

He stressed the consequences of such actions saying “for us to get back to where we were today, it will take a bit of time due to limited resources, and this will be to the disadvantage of the same members of the community. “That is why we should never take the law into our hands,” he added.

He urged Mumbwa residents to trust in the legal process and allow the police to handle such cases, appropriately.

The events in Mumbwa serve as a stark reminder that the justice system exists for a reason and mob justice can have devastating consequences.

Today’s incident highlights the need for community members to cooperate with the authorities rather than taking matters into their own hands, ultimately promoting a safer and more just society.

The Mumbwa community now faces the heavy task of rebuilding and healing in the wake of this unfortunate series of events.


  1. Four suspects believed to be involved in Kashweka’s murder but only one arrested. Why not all the four? The reporting is not as good as it should be.

  2. When did Zambians become barbaric…things that are happening in Zambia today were unheard of in the 80s and 90s….we are slowing becoming ungovernable and lawlessness like DRC or RSA……… in Zambia poor people think the only way someone can become rich is by using rituals and this only applies to fellow blacks but a Muzungu comes from Europe…steals our Minerals and becomes rich and poor Africans will be praising him and dancing for him

    • You are becoming a headache

    • Very Very true. Zambians are peaceful rational people. Something is dragging us to barbarism. Is it too much suffering?? Ba PF na UPND what have you done to our country?
      I saw a picture of my childhood football team Mighty Mufulira Wanderers jumping over a gate-ati to avoid witchcraft and I got shocked! Such things were never heard of at Chawama. Witchcraft played no part in Mighty’s success. When people are surrounded by failure they dream up silly excuses

    • Utulo. Steve Biko explained that the black man has been brainwashed to hate his skin. So if he sees a succesful black man he says this cant be real. The black man must be pulled down. Niye the birth of of the pull him down syndrome

  3. We never had such under pf. Hh and upnd have introduced a culture of promoting poverty and discouraging wealth. Anyone who makes money must be doing something wrong or illegal according to upnd. It is this mentality that has led to this.

  4. Politicians steal and loot and poor people will be jumping up and down praising….HH stole billions and he is steal stealing…Lungu is one of the Richest men in Africa…the man who had less than $1700 in his savings account in 2016

  5. Its funny when you go to your own Village and sink a bohole for them and build them clinic…the same Villagers will accuse you of using rituals and they will kill you and destroy the same clinic that you built for them….
    Reminds of a story of a Rich man and a poor man….one day a one Rich man was driving his Mercedes-Benz and he saw one poor man walking barefoot…the rich man stopped and gave the poor man a ride and offered the poor man money and business ideas… the end of the year there were two poor men on the streets because the poor man managed to bring the other rich man down by destroying the rich mans businesses

  6. The only rituals that i know of is “Corruption” and that’s how some people become filthy rich in a short period of time….The Supreme leader Ayatollah Hakainde Hichilema is a perfect example of becoming rich via massive corruption….I have seen business men who worked hard for their money like the late Marichi Tembo.. i remember one time i met him at Olivine Industries in Zimbabwe loading a 40 ft container by himself with just a few helpers….and at that time he was one of the richest men in Zambia…

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