Sunday, July 14, 2024

Catholic church asks govt to repeal law barring ex-convict from public service


The Roman Catholic Church in Kasempa has implored government to consider repealing the law which bars ex-inmates to be employed in the public sector.

Kasempa parish priest Father Cedric Mweshi disclosed that repealing the law will make it easy to incorporate the ex-inmates into the society.

Father Mweshi disclosed this during the mass message on forgiveness at Saint Andrews Cathedral in Kasempa district.

“The Bible says that forgive your enemy and you shall be forgiven, this teaches us a lot on how we should live as the Bible says so,” he said.

Father Mweshi has since appealed to the government to revisit the prisons Acts so that ex-inmates can be eligible to be employed in the public sector.

He appealed to citizens to preserve the peace and unity that the country has been enjoying since independence.

Meanwhile, Minister of Labour and Social Security, Brenda Tambatamba assured the church that government will consider their appeal.

“I have heard the request by the church on behalf of the government, there will be an amendment by the Cabinet,” she added.

Ms Tambatamba further said that the church was a key stakeholder in complementing the government’s efforts.


  1. Nonsense. So a civil servant (minister) who embezzles money, is caught, convicted and jailed, should be allowed to work in public office again? Heck he’ll start stealing again. There are certain jobs that should not be given to people with a criminal record. A private company can hire him if they want, but not public office.

  2. My friend in his youth married and was solemnized in the Catholic Church. Later he separated from his wife due to her infidelity. After 10yrs, he married his 2nd wife in another town and the marriage was solemnized in the Catholic Church. When the 1st wayward wife got wind of it, she reported to the Church and produced their marriage certificate as the marriage wasn’t dissolved by the Church. He was excommunicated! This is just marriage, how about someone that has committed a criminal offense? Before you steal, understand that you’ll remain with the stigma for the rest of your life. In fact we should borrow from the Sharia and begin to amputate thieves, if that will reduce the incidence of theft

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