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Government Expresses Concern Over “Grand Scheme” Documentary


The government, through the Ministry of Information and Media, has raised concerns over the recently released documentary titled “The Grand Scheme.” The documentary, produced by a foreign news agency and a foreign government, has stirred controversy for its content, which includes allegations of political conspiracies and regime change in Zambia and neighboring countries.

In a press statement, Hon. Chushi Kasanda, MP, the Minister of Information and Media and Chief Government Spokesperson, criticized the participation of Zambian individuals, including Fred M’membe, Emmanuel Mwamba, Chilufya Tayali, and Raphael Nakachinda, in the documentary.

She stated that these individuals, whom she referred to as “charlatans,” should not be allowed to jeopardize Zambia’s friendly relations with Zimbabwe.

Minister Kasanda expressed her dismay at how these individuals allegedly discredited their own country and leader for international acclaim, causing reputational damage to Zambia.

She labeled them as failed politicians attempting to solicit foreign support to destabilize Zambia’s constitutionally elected government.

She further noted that these individuals appeared to be motivated by their aversion to President Hakainde Hichilema and the UPND government.

Additionally, the Minister highlighted that the government was concerned about the documentary’s smear campaign against Dr. Nevers Mumba, who was involved in SADC-related activities.

She urged Zambian citizens to discern the intentions of these opposition leaders, questioning their patriotism and morality levels.

In response to the allegations, Dr. Nevers Mumba, a prominent figure in the documentary, issued a strongly worded statement condemning the content and its producers.

Dr. Mumba accused the five Zambians—Fred M’membe, Given Lubinda, Raphael Nakachinda, Emmanuel Mwamba, and Chilufya Tayali—of collaborating with Zimbabwe’s ZANU-PF and the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation to produce a “reckless” and “anti-Zambian” documentary.

Dr. Mumba argued that the documentary went beyond politics, characterizing it as national sabotage and espionage. He contended that the documentary contained false claims, defamation, and insults against him and President Hakainde Hichilema.

He emphasized the gravity of suggesting that a sitting President is working to overthrow neighboring governments on behalf of Western interests, considering it a threat to national security.

Dr. Mumba called for a thorough investigation into the matter, suggesting that the justice system should take an interest in addressing this alleged breach of national security.


  1. Nervers Mumba shouldn’t drag others into his problems. I watched the documentary and everything it said about is what we is known. Let him refute those allegations alone. Is what has been said about him not true? That can’t constitute espionage as he’s trying to incite HH to believe and have those that said what they about him arrested. He’s a fraud and will turn against his new found friend should an opportunity come.

    • Nevers should not drag the President in his poor handling of the observers mission assignment. He brought this on himself. How many observer missions were in Zimbabwe? They all wrote their reports and submitted to those who sen t them. None of them have gone on media defending reports and making noises everywhere. Only MUMBA!! Ba Chushi , please tell Dr Mumba to keep quiet for once. He is only answerable to SADC heads of states. He can only defend the report before SADC heads.

  2. Unfortunately when in opposition Upnd behaved the same way.
    When the president during his Ukutumpa campaign mentioned names of people “killed” by the PF government failed to include the murder of the PF NPW chairman Konga by the Upnd cadres who are still roaming the streets.
    Please kindly be real.

  3. Big mistake to involve charlatan Nevas Mumba…. the guy has a dented track record but somehow sweet talks the president into giving him a very important and highly sensitive assignment.
    If I Mr Hakainde I would stop associating with such slimy characters.

  4. I have followed the discussions on Zimbabwe elections and surrounding controversies. My humble observation is that Dr. Mumba brought these accusations on himself and in the end has tarnished the name of President Hakainde Hichilema. If you have noticed, the president has not condemned the elections in Zimbabwe( Maybe not just yet). The president has not commented on the Mumba report. He know the report is not meant for him alone . It is meant for the collective SADC heads of states. Only the collective will pronounce the way forward on Zim elections. What Mumba needed was to submit the report to his bosses( SADC heads through HH) and KEEP QUIET. It was not him to go on media, TVs stations, Newspapers to start defending the report.

    • Your analysis is from a blind observation: “Dr. Mumba brought these accusations on himself and in the end has tarnished the name of President Hakainde Hichilema”. Mumba didnt tarnish HH’s name. He went to observe not to earn stripes for HH. Certainly not to pat Mnangagwa on the back for HH.
      “The president has not condemned…” He doesnt have to openly condemn. The fact that he never went to Mnangagwa’s commemoration is enough to tell you his feelings on the election. Only 2 leaders turned up in Harare. Doesnt that tell you something?

    • Mumba could not hide his support for Chamisa and coupled with wanting limelight he broke all protocol forgetting he has a very bad rapo

  5. Levy trusted Mumba. with authority…..what did Mumba do? messed up! and Levy fired him.
    Its the same here. HH entrusted Mumba with a very important assignment. But Mumba messed up. He should not drag the President and Zambians into this. Is this how espionage smells like? I doubt.
    He can only sue for libel. Take Nakachinda Tayali, Lubinda and Mwamba to court . He can even sue the TV station that did the broadcast. Only for libel not espionage.

  6. Let the failed government of zimbabwe produce their documentary and us as zambians will produce our own documentary then the world will judge which is the truth.

  7. Smokey should just have done a counter documentary. What else is she in control of media for? Get a trained journalist to respond to ZANU-propaganda

  8. Mumba is a crooked man. He tried to swindle me out of 45000 dollars years ago. I refused to fall for his business fraudulent scheme. He was very upset with me and cursed me haha. He even stole in Canada that one

  9. ………

    ZANU PF and PF are the same corrupt violent thugs………

    Good at nothing other than rigging elections, political violence and corruption……..

    Those 5 individuals named will stop at nothing to gain power in zambia………

    They are power hungry thugs.

  10. Nervous is an opportunist who has been used to stir up trouble for Zambia in the DRC and now Zimbabwe. UPND and it’s leadership will find themselves isolated on the continent because of their unpredictable behaviour. HH is creating unnecessary animosity which will come back to haunt him.

  11. Mumba did not do the right job, he must be fired from politics now. This is now proof that Mumba has no diplomacy in him. He is still the guy chasing train wagons between Kitwe and Ndola for copper. No more politics for Mumba in Zambia,
    Mumba you are fired from practicing politics in Zambia!

  12. A new book on the market ” Nevers Kalufyanya” The man brings confusion in whatever he does. He should not be trusted with sensitive assignments. The only assignment he should be given is attending state functions like Independence Day. Delegating sensitive issues to him is a grave mistake. He should just be on a vice presidential banquet table. He does not control his tongue.

  13. These guys ZanuPf would send assassins to Zambia, Tanzania, Mozambique and other places to clear those members who became suspect. Nevas Mumba is a sitting duck and the sooner he closes his sachimo mouth the safer it will be for him. He should not continue rubbing in more salt.

    • DejaFul.Why do retards like you posture Mnangagwa and ZANU-PF as some sort of large monster to be feared by Zambians.Zimbabwe is currently a very weak society.It is held hostage by very old but wealthy liberation struggle fighters that hold out a vague spectre of imperialism in order oppress its citizens and protect their privileges
      If it is confirmed ZANU-PF had a hand in the death of Mwanawasa,we can easily order our nice ZESCO to switch Zimbabwe off and occupy Harare in 7 days

  14. DejaFul,its only a retard like you who would advocate and wait for the assassination of a prominent Zambian by foreign agents who was even your Vice President.Thats too low even for a blogger like you who does snot wash his one dirty underpants

  15. Only one comment: our leaders must always use correct terms. We have one government in this country; the government of the Republic of Zambia, not the UPND government. Currently, the government of Zambia I being administered by the UPND, led by President Hakainde Hichilema, voted for by the majority of Zambians. The government remains the same but administrations change.
    Thank you

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