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CiSCA Condemns Restrictions on Former President Lungu’s Travel


The Civil Society Constitution Agenda (CiSCA) has strongly condemned the recent cancellation of former President Edgar Lungu’s travel plans to South Africa and South Korea by the Cabinet Office.

In a letter dated September 7, 2023, Deputy Secretary to the Cabinet Dr. Oliver Kalabo communicated the Cabinet Office’s refusal of the former President’s request to travel to South Africa, providing no reasons for the denial. This decision came in response to a letter sent to Cabinet Office on August 16, 2023, by the office of the Sixth Republican President, indicating that the former President had been invited as a guest speaker, alongside other former regional Presidents, to a World Peace Conference scheduled to take place in Seoul. Shockingly, the trip to South Korea was abruptly canceled, and the former President was removed from the plane after having already boarded.

As a human rights advocacy group committed to promoting the rights and freedoms of all citizens, CiSCA emphasizes the importance of respecting Article 11(b) of the Constitution, which outlines the Fundamental Rights and Freedoms. This article stipulates that every person in Zambia is entitled to fundamental rights and freedoms, including the right to freedom of movement, regardless of race, place of origin, political opinions, color, creed, sex, or marital status. Article 22 specifically guarantees the right to leave Zambia and return to Zambia.

Former President Lungu’s attempts to travel abroad were merely exercising his right to movement, as provided for under the freedom of movement enshrined in Article 22. The government’s decision to restrict his travel to South Korea without justifiable reasons is deemed unconstitutional and unacceptable, especially considering the lack of explanations for the denial, in stark contrast to the South Africa trip, where clearance had been sought but was rejected without providing reasons.

Given that the medical review is not time-bound and the World Peace Conference is scheduled for September 20, 2023, CiSCA unequivocally demands that former President Lungu be allowed to immediately exercise his constitutional rights to travel to South Africa for medical attention and to South Korea to participate in the World Peace Conference in Seoul.

Issued by:

Perry Chisamu
Acting CiSCA Chairperson


  1. Some cadre is wondering what peace Edgar Lungu was going to discuss since his PF were “violent”
    This lack of understanding or deliberate twisting of facts.
    Handing over to Mr Hakainde Hichilema is highest level of peace that can be achieved. Lungu until the time he handed over the instruments to HH, was in charge of government wings and was in the position to declare an emergency. Of course some cadre will they were going to declare war…. actually that’s exactly why he can speak at peace seminars…. because he chose peace instead civil strife.

  2. No Government in the history of Zambia has performed this badly within two years of assuming office. Whether we like it or not something ain’t right somewhere…. they are so consistently inconsistent!

  3. Looks like UPND is full dull cadres…Tabo Kawana trying to Justify nonsense….He is the former head of state but that doesn’t mean he has no freedom to live like a Private Zambian citizen….so does that mean that once you become a former head of state it means thats you have no rights…he can still travel as a Private Citizen whenever he wishes or he can still use his office of the former head of State…..thats all up to Lungu….As long as he has valid travel documents he doesn’t need any special clearance for him to travel to New York or England for personal shopping….

  4. In that file picture we can all see he is reading the Daily Nation. The LT reporter sees The Post? Lungu was the Post number one enemy.

  5. What are the rules when a former head of state travels?
    As far as I understand it he didn’t follow the protocols and procedures. Why do you think the law has been withdrawn so quickly?
    People, PF members are not exempt from the rules or the law.
    If Lungu had adhered to the rules and then banned, then and only then would it be a restriction on his freedom of movement.
    On this occasion this organisation is ignorant.
    Additional, Lungu is lying there is no peace conference in South Korea in September.
    What is now abundantly clear, he was not going to that country or to a peace conference.
    Why doesn’t he just say publicly that he erred and immigration followed the rules correctly.

    • If you must know. Lungu applied for the medical check up in RSA on 15 August more than the required two weeks. The request was turned down without explanation. This time around he decided to travel as a private person without asking for HH’s money they stopped him. He goes to attend a church service, it’s disrupted. Is it a coincidence that all these are happening after HH informed the nation about some coup d’etat? Logic?

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