Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Commercial Pilot Patrick Kawanu Denied Bail in Gold Scam Espionage Case


Commercial Pilot Patrick Kawanu, one of the suspects linked to the recent Gold Scam espionage case, has been denied bail by the Lusaka High Court. This decision was handed down by Lusaka High Court Judge Geoffrey Mulenga.

The denial of bail is based on the fact that the Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP) issued a Certificate of Denial of Bail against all suspects involved in the espionage case related to the Gold Scam.

Patrick Kawanu, in his bail application, argued that the Certificate of Denial of Bail issued by the DPP did not meet the requirements outlined in the Criminal Procedure Code. However, the court upheld the validity of the certificate and subsequently denied his bail application.

The Gold Scam espionage case has garnered significant attention in Zambia, with multiple individuals facing charges related to their alleged involvement.


  1. We now have plea bargaining in our criminal justice system. It’s probably time for his lawyers to consider that.

  2. Hh is fighting personal battles using tax payers money. Today it came to my attention that hh has paid a private security firm to capture me. They tried to corner me along Addis ababa Road in the early hours of this morning but mu security was too quick for them. Hh don’t fark with me

  3. Indeed your life has been changed forever as promised now as you rot in the cells and you will serve time guess whose feasting on who outside in freedom…your guess is good as mine life changing they told you and they meant it…just tell the truth and ‘buy’ your freedom….25 years is a longtime to serve

  4. ……….

    This saga highlighted just how thick and shallow the PF and their supporters with the clique are…………

    Very very very du.ll people.

    We saw whole grown men, supposedly educated, insisting the president was involved in the fake gold scam. Or gold scam……..

    How people can make themselves belive such nonsense is beyond me………

    With such du.ll people as opposition, may HH rule for 1000 years

  5. Some people are shameless alter what they did with g12 forms and after being fired, they started entering … illegally following his friend at….. House until we lost the man who built fly over bridges in Lusaka. You can not deny it Mr. Sky shameless devil.

  6. Actually. I can easily corner and arrest Kaizar Zulu if I am hired. I had once served in Navy SEALS. I can capture him in 3 hours. Kaizar Zulu is not a clever fugitive as he thinks.

  7. Ba Kaizer mule ikala fye. You’re as thick as two mukula plunks rolled in a blanket from Comesa & soaked in Chibuku. Kaleza you have unfinished business with the ministry of education. Am sure if we dialled the grades of your G12 final we’d get the police.In short you need help.


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