Speaker Nelly Mutti’s Visit to Holy Cross Girls Secondary School Sparks Hope and Inspiration

Speaker Nelly Mutti at holy Cross Girls Secondary School in Mongu

On Monday, September 18, 2023, the Speaker of the National Assembly, The Rt. Hon Nelly Mutti, visited her former school, Holy Cross Girls Secondary in Mongu, creating a heartwarming connection with her past. As she sat in a classroom she had last occupied 49 years ago, fond memories of her school days flooded back. This journey down memory lane rekindled her belief that education is the great equalizer, and she urged young citizens to treasure education and take full advantage of Free Education as a fundamental key to their future and the nation’s development.

As a testament to her commitment to empowering the girl child and, by extension, the entire nation, The Rt. Hon Nelly Mutti officially launched the Nelly Mutti Foundation (NMF) during the event. Her donation of laptops to Holy Cross Girls Secondary School through NMF sends a powerful message: empower girls, empower the nation.

The Speaker’s visit was warmly welcomed, and her actions serve as a source of inspiration for others. Reflecting on her visit, the Provincial Administration thanked her for setting a positive example and leading the way. They discussed the potential impact if all individuals who have achieved some level of success contributed to their communities in similar ways, suggesting that such actions could significantly benefit Western Province.

Speaker Nelly Mutti poses with staff and pupils at holy Cross Girls Secondary School in Mongu

The Sesheke Secondary School Alumni, who are planning to meet on September 30, 2023, were encouraged to follow The Rt. Hon Nelly Mutti’s lead in giving back to their communities.

In her address to the pupils, The Rt. Hon Nelly Mutti emphasized two valuable lessons:

Never limit themselves; aspire to reach the top. Her journey from a student in the same school uniform they wear today to the Speaker of the National Assembly is living proof.
Embrace the spirit of community service and giving. The Speaker traveled many kilometers to give back to the community, demonstrating that serving fellow human beings should be a priority in society.
The launch of the NELLY MUTTI Foundation at Holy Cross Girls Catholic Secondary School in Mongu District, Western Province, was a beacon of hope and inspiration for the community. During the launch, Speaker NELLY MUTTI donated 20 laptops and sports jerseys worth 400,000 Kwacha, benefiting approximately 600 learners and addressing the shortage of information and communication technology (ICT) equipment at the school.

The NELLY MUTTI Foundation is dedicated to bringing hope and sustainable innovation to communities, and this impactful launch is just the beginning.


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