Friday, March 1, 2024

Professional Teachers Union of Zambia Welcomes Government’s Teacher Recruitment Announcement


The Professional Teachers Union of Zambia (PROTUZ) expressed its delight as the long-awaited advertisement for the recruitment of 4,500 teachers has been officially unveiled by the Government through the Teaching Service Commission.

Brian Mwila, the Deputy General Secretary of PROTUZ, emphasized the union’s hope that the government would prioritize the recruitment of mathematics, science, and ICT (Information and Communication Technology) teachers.

“We are highly expectant that the Teaching Service Commission will fulfill its earlier commitment to giving the highest priority to teachers trained in Mathematics, Science, ICT, Design and Technology, and other technical subjects,” stated Mr. Mwila. “We support this approach because our independent analysis of staffing levels in schools has revealed a severe shortage of Mathematics, Science, Design and Technology, and ICT teachers in the majority of schools across the country.”

In light of these findings, the Professional Teachers Union of Zambia is urging the Government through the Teaching Service Commission (TSC) to adhere to its earlier stance and recruit a substantial number of teachers in these subject areas during the 2024 teacher recruitment exercise.

Mr. Mwila emphasized that PROTUZ would closely monitor the recruitment process to ensure that it aligns with the previously communicated priorities.

“Due to the introduction of the Free Education Policy and the subsequent increase in enrollment levels, teachers in the aforementioned subjects are currently overwhelmed, compromising the delivery of quality education,” he noted. “Therefore, the commission must not tolerate any actions that could undermine its commitment to addressing this critical issue.”

PROTUZ’s call for an increased focus on mathematics, science, and ICT teachers underscores the importance of these subjects in providing a well-rounded and competitive education system.


  1. It’s not necessary to have so many Unions in one sector. It’s also misleading to say that 4,500 teachers will be recruited as only 3,500 will. The rest are other professions like accountants etc.

  2. It has been painted by this government that before they assumed power there were no teachers in Zambia something to laugh at , teachers have always been recruited in their thousands what has happened in this government is shameful and lazy man’s talk .
    It is only non performers who feel that, when they do the natural thing people must clap for them , this government is indeed a failure to say the least .
    This government has not brought any new idea to talk about they are there only to repeat what their predeccsors planned and started .
    They are a copyright government , it only shows the type of a president seating in state house no new thoughts it is all copy and paste .

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