Friday, March 1, 2024

Talks Ongoing Between Cabinet and Office of 6th President


The Ministry of Information’s Director Spokesperson, Thabo Kawana, has revealed that discussions are currently underway between Cabinet and the office of the 6th President concerning various matters related to former President Edgar Lungu.

Mr. Kawana emphasized the importance of ensuring that all of Mr. Lungu’s travels adhere to the correct procedures and protocols. He stated that the former President represents an institution and is considered the property of the state. Therefore, any issues regarding his affairs should follow the proper procedures.

During a press briefing yesterday, Mr. Kawana addressed the rumors circulating on social media that suggested Mr. Lungu had been removed from an aircraft. He clarified that these allegations are untrue.

Furthermore, Mr. Kawana expressed the government’s viewpoint regarding the “Grand Scheme” documentary produced by a foreign news agency. He described the documentary as unofficial and claimed it was designed to create divisions between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

In addition to these matters, Mr. Kawana provided information about the upcoming teacher recruitment. He explained that the recruitment process would involve 3,500 teachers and 1,000 auxiliary staff members.


  1. One day this overzealous boy will regret his actions. I don’t know what he’s so excited about. He’s playing the role of what Dora would describe as useful idyoti. A Director is a very junior position in the Ministry. He can’t be the one to issue such statement to explain matters to do with a former President. He’s not talking about Kaiser

  2. Muleikalafye ba Kawana.
    And don’t use the recruiting for propaganda….if there was no recruiting before would we teachers and nurses? Just like paying of pensioners… you pay a handful but you make it look like everyone has been paid. A lot of my friends and relatives are still waiting.

  3. It is important to know and understand as at the moment in time, is that the 6th President ECL, Chagwa, is the property of His Excellency The President HH who is the Head Of State and Government Of The Sovereign Republic Of Zambia.

  4. This government doesn’t seem to know what is the main priority to the Zambian people , Zambians want to know when you are going to reduce the food prices the unga is the issue not those political semantics , people want action now , we are in a crisis , people are dying in their houses and you are just politiking

    • Can you imagine. At one of the clubs in town, this gentleman when he comes his interest is to listen to people’s conversations. His ears are almost popping out of his head.

  5. This boy Kawana thinks he will be in power forever the way he conducts himself very soon he will be just a private citizen…this is the same who had K2700 in his savings account on August 12 2021 but now he has over 3 million dollars in his account and he is buying girlfriends cars and houses

  6. The Ministry of Information’s Director Spokesperson. We could pay three qualified teachers from his salary and the nation would gain education. However, we prefer to waste our money on a Ministry of information loudspeaker while another loudspeaker is above him in the minister’s office. We must be a very rich country

  7. Kawana’s position in illegal. He is a UPND cadre honored unconstitutionally by HH. What is the role of Smoky Kasanda anyway? What are they talking to Lungu’s office for if they are not mistreating him. Is it because he took them to court and they know they can not win case in court.

  8. F**k Lungu, Masipa ahae. He stole billions from us, exposed Zambia to the most corrosive kleptocracy and tribal bigotry. Now we must fund his trips to South Africa/Swaziland where he wants to go and chew amahule! If he wants to go, let him fund the cost of the trip himself. Lungu, ukaise namunungu tuwe.

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