Tuesday, June 18, 2024

ZTE Chairman to visit Zambia for talks on setting up a smart phone factory


The Chinese government has announced that the Chairman of one of the World’s leading telecommunications Company ZTE Li Zixue is expected in the country on Monday to begin the implementation process of setting up a smart phone factory in Zambia.

The ZTE Chairman’s visit follows the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between ZTE and the Zambian government at the ZTE Headquarters in the Chinese City of Shenzhen.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka, Chinese Ambassador to Zambia Du Xiaohui said China recognises Zambia as an important market for investment especially in the Southern African region.

Ambassador Xiaohui explains that the coming of the ZTE Chairman will officially set the tone for the actual commencement and implementation of the smart phone factory.

The Chinese envoy further stated that China has committed to implementing in earnest some of the signed agreements during the state visit to China by President Hakainde Hichilema.

Meanwhile Ambassador Xiaohui said China remains committed to helping Zambia in her development process.

He said as a way of boosting the country’s development process, the Chinese government will offer Zambia technology, machinery and capital for the various sectors.

Ambassador Xiaohui said as agreed by President Hakainde Hichilema and President Xi Jinping, China will support Zambia in the area of international equity and justice which is an active contributor to regional and global peace and development.

He further announced enhanced collaborations between the two countries in the area of climate change.

The Chinese envoy stated that China will help Zambia with technology in smart agriculture in view of the effects of Climate change.

”Zambia and China will establish a green development strategic partnership and enhance cooperation on environmental protection, combating climate change, green economy and emergency risk response mechanism among others” The Ambassador said.

Ambassador Xiaohui also said that China will support Zambia in the establishment of industries aimed at value addition.

While in China, President Hichilema witnessed the signing of 15 MoU’s between China and Zambia in various sectors of the two countries’ economies


    • Hi muyunda, we don’t blame you for feeling so angry. We know that the mealie meal prices and cost of fuel is causing many of you sleepless nights and stress. Your wives are now starting to sleep with us who have bigger docks dicks than you for money

  1. Can we do this on our own very doubtful ?
    Why are we mentioning PF the only thing they work on was increasing our National Debt and now expect credit for it

  2. Very impressive commitment by the Chinese! Barely a week after a visit and they are already in the country trying to see how they can leverage on opportunities available.
    Uncle Spider is impressed.
    However, Uncle spider remains doubtful about whether cellphones or indeed other devices can be manufactured in Zambia.
    There are so many components required and a lot of R&D which we don’t have. Unless they are talking of an assembly plant (which also remains doubtful since China is also struggling with unemployment).

  3. UPND cadres are trying very hard to find something to show for with their HH. If you want to point at HH’s achievements, point at the price of mealie meal, fuel, fertilizer. What does a trip from ZTE chairman got to do with a common hungry Zambian? What smartphones does ZTE manufacture? ubupuba ba UPND just giving out strip club licenses to their financiers. Next it will be gay clubs.

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