Over 17,000 Girls in Mkushi to be vaccinated against HPV


17,480 girls have been targeted to be vaccinated against the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) in a vaccination exercise which starts on September 25 in Mkushi district.

District Administrative Officer, Lucy Chilanga, emphasized the need to create awareness on the exercise in order to increase vaccine uptake.This came to light during the HPV campaign advocacy meeting held at Mkushi District Health Office.She called upon stakeholders to encourage eligible girls to get vaccinated against HPV by addressing misconceptions about the vaccines.

Ms. Chilanga noted that vaccination is important as it helps prevent HPV infection and subsequent diseases like cervical cancer.

“Let’s ensure correct information is given as we create awareness on the program for the good of our girl child,” she said.

Mkushi District Maternal Neonatal and Child Health Coordinator, Cleopatra Kangwa added that the vaccine has been proved to be safe and effective in preventing HPV infections, and hence reduces the incidence of cervical cancer and other anogenital cancers.

She, however, noted that the HPV vaccine does not prevent pregnancies or protect against HIV.
She explained that the World Health Organization (WHO) prequalified the use of the HPV vaccine among adolescent girls since it is more efficacious if administered before sexual debut, and prior exposure to the virus.

“The key is to vaccinate girls before they are sexually active, because HPV is sexually transmitted,” she said.

The HPV vaccination campaign will prioritize coverage in the primary target population of girls within the age range of 9 to 14 years.The campaign is expected to be conducted from 25th September to 30th September, 2023.


    • @Kaizar Zulu is so ignorant, now this imbecile thinks he knows the healthcare should be conducted. You need to understand the focus of this service, preventative medical service. There is no need to wait till they are sick so that you can make money out of them with them little pharmacies, some of them with stolen drugs.

    • Black.mamba you mean when they are made barren early in life, they will then recruit them to be strippers at lewanika mall as approved by upnd. Fuseke

    • @Kaizar Zulu. I already know how uneducated you are. You just don’t and will never understand the difference between preventive and curative medicines. It proves to me that it is only your brain and mindset are barren and empty without any healthcare knowledge. Just stick to what you and never bring it into any political circle. Real Zedains will never accept day light thieves PF.

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    • @Kaizar Zulu, you’re a human with no visible perception but ignorance with your miserable feeling about HH. You will be in Govt, get a life or go back to the land.

    • @Black. Mamba, sorry but you’re the ignorant one here. I don’t usually agree with Kaizar Zulu, but he’s right this time. We have to be careful what we inject into our young people, especially if it’s endorsed by organizations such as WHO. Heck they’re bent on population control. They want to depopulate Africa. Don’t be an ignoramus. Do some research, you simpleton. Look into vaccinations in Kenya that made thousands of women barren.

  1. We have no issues with vaccines, however letting people inject things that we have no capabilities of detecting into our youths is outright irresponsible. These people would not be allowed to do this where these vaccines come from. Now watch how the cancer rates will start showing from nowhere.

  2. The journalists we have in Zambia are awful. A story like this needs a lot of background information which needs to be provided in the story or in separate specialised reports. Why has Mkushi been targetted as is implied in this story? Is the primary target population of girls within the age range of 9 to 14 years national or just for Mkushi? What is Zambia’s HPC prevalence? Is it different from other countries? What are the side effects of the HPV vaccine? What are its advantages? Who produces the vaccine?

  3. Viruses have no cure that’s what I was taught in my microbiology class at uni. Injecting the host with these “virus” vaccines the host become infected for life nowonder from time to time you require a booster just like HIV same with this HPV.

    Nowonder those who took Covid vaccines required boosters from time to time. Deliberately introducing a virus in your body when not infected is very risky, you don’t get completely healed like the vaccines unlike other vaccines we used to get for Polio, BCG, small pox healed for good because they’re not caused by viruses, 1 shot you’re done for good.

  4. Just like HIV, HPV vaccine will be required in order to boost the immune system from time to time. For HIV in developed countries one is required to be vaccinated once yearly same with their flu shots which are caused by viruses too.

    I won’t be surprised that these girls won’t require another shot in future, LT you will write about them again. If you’re not infected with this virus it’s not a good ideas introducing it deliberately into the host.

    Companies making these vaccines want to be selling poor Govts yearly for continued vaccinations & boosters, to be permanently inked in their budgets yearly. It backfired with COVID vaccines & flu shots in the Developed countries. Now trying with HPV vaccines to draw the success they’ve had with HIV vaccines.

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