Optimism in Access to Information Bill’s Enactment by 2024 Grows, Says Legal and Media Expert Joe Nkadaani


Legal expert and media specialist Joe Nkadaani expresses optimism regarding the New Dawn Government’s commitment to enacting the Access to Information Bill into law by 2024. Nkadaani believes that the government has demonstrated a genuine willingness to push forward with the pending Access to Information legislation.

Appearing on a Radio Icengelo Show in Ndola on Sunday, Mr. Nkadaani called on various stakeholders to join forces in advocating for the passage of the Access to Information law. He emphasized the profound impact such a law would have on empowering Zambians to hold their leaders accountable for matters of public interest.

“This is a government that listens, and we have seen indications of progress in this direction. We hope that the momentum created by the government with regard to the Access to Information will not diminish. We pray that the government will continue this drive so that by the end of this year or early next year, we can have an Access to Information law,” said Mr. Nkadaani.

He further emphasized that the primary beneficiary of an Access to Information law is the government itself, as it would enable citizens to actively participate in government programs. Nkadaani urged the government to collaborate with civil society organizations and the community to ensure equitable access to national resources and opportunities.

Also, appearing on the same radio show, Nyambe Jere, the representative of the Panos Institute Southern Africa, urged citizens to engage with their Members of Parliament and lobby for their support of the Access to Information Bill when it returns to Parliament. Jere stressed the importance of collective action in advancing the cause of transparency and access to information in Zambia.


  1. Keep on dreaming. It will go to parliament and get defeated by the Upnd MPs…by that time opposition MPs will have been suspended or facing police action.

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