NGOCC Expresses Concern Over Reduction of Women in Cabinet Following Ministerial Reshuffle


The Non-governmental Gender Organisations’ Coordinating Council (NGOCC) has voiced its disappointment regarding the removal of Chushi Kasanda as Minister of Information and Media in a recent ministerial reshuffle by President Hakainde Hichilema. The move has prompted concerns from NGOCC about the decreasing representation of women in the Zambian Cabinet.

President Hichilema, on Monday evening, appointed Cornelius Mweetwa, the immediate past Southern Province Minister, as the new Minister of Information and Media, effectively replacing Ms. Kasanda.

NGOCC, an umbrella organization representing various non-governmental gender-focused groups, emphasized the need for gender balance in decision-making positions. They expressed their belief that President Hichilema’s decision to replace Hon. Kasanda with another male minister further exacerbates the issue.

“While recognizing the constitutional discretion given to the appointing authority to hire and dismiss, the Head of State should have considered replacing Hon. Kasanda with another woman or transferring her to another Ministry,” lamented Anne Mbewe Anamela, the Executive Director of NGOCC, in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“Over the years, NGOCC and the women’s movement in general have been deeply concerned with the low numbers of women in decision-making positions as this adversely impacts the development trajectory since decisions are made devoid of women’s voices. It is critical that when making decisions, the unique needs of women, men, girls, and boys should be taken into consideration. It is, therefore, sad to note that the number of women remains low both at Parliamentary and local Government levels,” Ms. Anamela stated.

Furthermore, Ms. Anamela noted the reduction in female representation in the Cabinet following Hon. Kasanda’s removal. She also highlighted the dismissal of Ms. Anne Songolo, the Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Livestock and Fisheries, and expressed hope that Ms. Songolo would be replaced by another woman.

In the same statement, Ms. Anamela extended her congratulations to Princess Kasune on her appointment as Provincial Minister for Central Province. She expressed confidence that Hon. Kasune would provide the leadership needed to drive development in the province.

Article 259 of the Republican Constitution emphasizes the importance of gender balancing in appointments to various positions. NGOCC reiterated that sustainable development could only be achieved when women, who make up 51 percent of the population, are included in the decision-making and development processes.


  1. But when it’s at kitchen party and birthday party functions you don’t complain about low men representation. Women belongs to these decisions better than where you want them to be.

    • The all cabinet should be women, there is no minister in UPND working apart from the boy in Sports.
      The worse for HH is to forsake Ba Nalumango.
      Ba HH is causing so much calamity on himself by not listening. How can he allow Kawana and Hamasaka to be running the country while himself is busy with his farm and trading crypto currency?

  2. It is not just having women representation in decision making but women who can count. What is the point of appointing a woman who cannot even read a speech written for her? Ministry of Information is a mouthpiece of the government whose occupant is an interface between public and government. Chushi was an empty sack that could not stand upright in as far as national issues were concerned. Such a ministry requires an intelligent extrovert.I hope the incoming minister will streamline mode of communication.Not Chintobentobe way of communicating.

    • “Ministry of Information is a mouthpiece of the government”
      Does Government need a whole Ministry for a mouthpiece? Doesnt it just need a spokesperson?

    • All you see is tribe because you are a tribalist. Mutale Nalumango is a Bemba. When was the last time you Nyanja or Bemba had a Tonga vice President. Just shut up and go back to eating the mother who gave birth to you, as you have said that you do, “Kalya Nyoko”, “killer”, “kabwalala”

    • N the truth hurts. I can tell you are a t0nga. Don’t take your anger out on me. Take it out on the useless tribal party you support which is well documented to having said that only a t0nga can rule it. Now tell me the tribes of all upnd presidents since its inception. Stop promoting tribalism. Actually it’s your fat t0nga mother i want to eat so that i interbreed her and stop t0nga tribalism

  3. Appointment is by merit not by gender , if a woman can do the job let her be appointed if she can’t deliver then no , this is why we are legging behind trying to be gender correct. The woman was not.doing her job simple ,

  4. “Ministry of Information is a mouthpiece of the government”
    Does Government need a whole Ministry for a mouthpiece? Doesnt it just need a spokesperson?

  5. It is rather disappointing that after having been in opposition for so long HH can fail to come up with a credible cabinet that ticks all the boxes…never mind those appointments he has power to make. I thought by the time he took oath he had a proper list of who was going to help him ride the tide..instead what emerged was a lacklustre approach. Even some who stood in the trenches at great risk he forgot.,, But it’s not too late… go back to the drawing board open your eyes and ears…

    • He did not know that he was going to win. When you are in opposition, you need to have a shadow cabinet. He was busy bragging, Look at his interview at BBC. ”You will see the choice of our Bank Governor”. Only to bring a failed project by the name of Danny Kalyalya. The man was not ready to form government. Most of the people that he has appointed are square pegs in round holes.

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